Factor Security & Continuity Announces Launch of Proactive Enterprise Security™ Program and Free White Paper

Boise, ID, October 10, 2006 --(PR.com)-- In order to help organizations of all sizes think more strategically about their security, Factor Security & Continuity, LLC launched Proactive Enterprise Security™ (PES™) and released a free white paper with a step-by-step guide to implementation.  The white paper, titled “Proactive Enterprise Security™-transforming security from a cost center to an integral part of your overall success” is available for a free download at: http://www.factorsecurity.com/white-papers.php

The PES™ methodology includes a deep analysis of current risk, and provides organizations with a wealth of business critical data they can use cross-functionally to improve enterprise-wide decision making. “An organization that makes security decisions that largely based on intuition might feel safe, but they may never know what their true risks are until it’s too late,” says Factor Security & Continuity’s president Aaron Gehlken.

The white paper will guide business leaders through the process of identifying:
·         What they need to protect
·         What their true threats are
·         What their vulnerabilities are
·         The value and cost of risk mitigation options
·         How to implement and manage mitigation strategies

About Factor Security & Continuity
Factor Security & Continuity LLC is the expert in transforming traditional security and business continuity functions into dynamic, risk-driven strategies that act as force multipliers for companies of all sizes and industries.  Factor’s clients are able to assess not only their vulnerabilities, but also prioritize security and continuity spending through detailed analysis of actual risk. This allows them to protect critical business processes, operations, people, and relationships against the most immediate and capable threats. The implementation and management of Factor’s programs allow our clients to eliminate unnecessary spending and improve operational efficiency.

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