The PPC Search Engine, with 2 T's, is Now Matching all Pay per Click Ad Campaigns on Finditt Dollar for Dollar

Monroe, GA, October 10, 2006 --(, the PPC search engine that gets results, is matching online advertisers dollar for dollar on all pay per click advertising campaigns on Finditt.

Your pay per click campaign on is the most effective way to establish your advertising campaign online. makes it easy for you to monitor and change your ad campaign, you can enter new keywords and phrases, increase bids for specific keywords and phrases and you can see what words and phrases attract the most traffic. The PPC Search Engine monitors all click thrus to your website and only recognizes unique visitors when charging your account.

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The advantages involved with a pay per click ad campaign on Finditt can be seen in many areas. is a real-time search engine that produces relevant and accurate search results. This is important to a pay per click ad campaign because any changes you make will be recognized instantly by Finditt. When you edit your website and want to place new keywords and phrases in your text to highlight your products and services Finditt instantly picks up those changes.

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Ray Firth