Upload Music for Free and Sell through Downloads on Finditt Music

Finditt Music has created an online venue for musicians to upload their music for sale through digital downloads. Musicians now have the ability to upload a full library of their tracks and sell them directly to their fans without the need to ship cds or pay start-up costs. Musicians can quickly... - April 15, 2007

eBay Fees Increase; Finditt Auctions Offers Free Auction Listings in Response

For a limited time Finditt Auctions is offering members the ability to list their products at no cost. In response to the rise in listing rates and seller fees on eBay, Finditt Auctions is providing an environment that promotes seller participation not seller exploitation. As sellers drive the... - January 08, 2007

Online Auctions Now On Finditt; Set Up Your Auction Store and Buy and Sell Electronics, Cars, Clothing and More

Finditt Auctions is the newest online marketplace to the world. The popularity of auction sites and the traffic generated from Finditt.com provide a perfect environment for buyers and sellers. Buyers have the advantage of being part of an international marketplace, while sellers are provided a... - December 21, 2006

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Offered by Finditt.com, “More Than Just a Search Engine”

Finditt.com offers companies, businesses and individuals with websites the opportunity to have their site search engine optimized for increased traffic. Finditt.com also provides Pay Per Click advertising campaigns to companies, businesses and individuals who wish to target traffic through keywords and phrases. - November 02, 2006

Finditt Video to Become Newest Feature of Finditt.com with 2 T’s

Finditt Video will be added to Finditt.com in the very near future as an added feature to the newest search engine that provides direct news submission and free directory listings for all companies, businesses, individuals and newswire services. - October 21, 2006

Finditt Friends, the Online Friends’ Community for Networking and all Things Social, has Been Launched

Finditt Friends launches online friends networking site, new and unique features for community site brings registered members the most comprehensive tools available for interacting with friends and family. - October 21, 2006

Finditt.com, First Search Engine to Offer Direct News Release Submission for Realtime Search Results

Finditt.com announces companies, businesses, individuals and newswire services can submit news and press releases directly into search engine for real time search results. - October 20, 2006

Finditt.com, with 2 T’s, the New Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine, is Adding Email and Instant Messaging (IM) for All Registered Members

Finditt.com will be offering email and instant messaging accounts in the near future. Advertisers can currently set up their pay per click ad campaigns on Finditt and have their initial deposit matched by Finditt, doubling their keywords campaign. - October 19, 2006

Finditt with 2 T’s Offers Double Your Initial Deposit on Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns Plus Free Directory Listing in Your Specific Category

Finditt.com with 2 t's, the real-time search engine that produces the most accurate results, is doubling initial deposits for PPC ad campaigns and providing free directory submission. - October 13, 2006

The PPC Search Engine, Finditt.com with 2 T's, is Now Matching all Pay per Click Ad Campaigns on Finditt Dollar for Dollar

Finditt.com, the PPC search engine that gets results, is matching online advertisers dollar for dollar on all pay per click advertising campaigns on Finditt. Your pay per click campaign on Finditt.com is the most effective way to establish your advertising campaign online. Finditt.com makes it... - October 10, 2006

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