Card Tricks with Gaffed Cards

Magicians often perform some of the most amazing feats of card magic creating the mystery of "illusion". offers articles and specialized card magic supplies for magicians of all levels in the field of prestidigitation, including a new blue gaffed deck and ESP series that is currently being constructed for a March 2007 release.

Coconut Creek, FL, October 10, 2006 --( Magic in the 21st century is becoming more magical. In an age where anything truly “mysterious” is usually seen as something of a hoax, or just for fun and entertainment, card conjuring today is being elevated again to the higher grounds of “mystery” – right where it belongs. Viewed in this light card magic is not about trickery, rather, it is about exhibiting the supernatural. The movies “The Illusionist” (released August 18, 2006) and “The Prestige” (which will be released October 20, 2006) are marking Hollywood’s vested interest in “conjuring” for 2006. Both of these movies are set around the turn of the century, and each are making the point that conjuring can still be considered “magical.” In other words, they are both set in a context that is deserving of the mysteries surrounding magic and conjuring. For example, in “The Illusionist”, actor Edward Norton plays the conjurer Eisenheim whose presence compels his audience to view his “tricks” as magical and mysterious because his persona is magical and mysterious. James Greenberg of “The Hollywood Reporter” says that this movie, “…features a standout performance by Edward Norton as the magician Eisenheim, who may or may not have supernatural powers.” The ability to demonstrate supernatural power, then, is really where the magic lies in performing any kind of magic.

Dr. C. Matthew McMahon, President of Card Conjurer, Inc. says, “Magic is not simply about making a chosen card rise out of a deck for a few onlookers, but encapsulates the management of the audience’s psyche in order to present to them the entire realm of mystery and impossibility that surrounds the magic being performed. The audience should not believe that the card rises as a result of a gimmick. It’s the magician’s job to demonstrate that the card rises supernaturally and otherwise impossibly.” An audience should never come away from a “trick” believing that it was simply “neat”. Rather, they should walk away baffled at the mystery behind the manipulation – while never feeling manipulated. With the new set of gaffed cards and gaffed decks that Card Conjurer will be releasing next year, card magic will become more mysterious than ever.

In March of 2007 will open its internet doors to offer those who love card magic some of the necessary tools that take conjuring to another level. In the works is a new Blue Gaff Deck that houses 52 of the most unique cards ever created for the card magic community. The “All-Seeing Eye” ESP set is also currently being constructed, as is a highly unique set of specialized “Rhine Test ESP Symbols” that will be released to raise the bar in card conjuring and mental magic.

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Dr. C. Matthew McMahon