Mouth to Mouth Enters Studio 880 with Producer John Lucasey

San Francisco, CA, October 10, 2006 --( Mouth to Mouth -- the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area rock band -- is recording an album with renowned producer/engineer John Lucasey at Studio 880, the esteemed Oakland, California facility that has hosted a who’s who of rock luminaries including Green Day, The Killers, and Iggy Pop.

The project is a follow-up to Mouth to Mouth’s self-produced CD/DVD debut “My Fee Is Lust,” with its potent blend of classic rock and roll, raw punk-rock energy and smart, passionate songwriting. Highlighted by the band’s exceptional musicianship, “My Fee Is Lust” sparked major label interest.

Now, with Lucasey overseeing the sessions at Studio 880, the members of Mouth to Mouth -- singer Jonny Scullion, lead guitarist Alex Lasner, bass player/keyboardist Scott Funkhouser, and drummer Andrew Keating -- are poised for a breakthrough.

Lucasey owns and operates Studio 880 and has worked with a stellar roster of artists including Yellowcard, Jewel, and Switchfoot. As he sees it, his expertise will be put to good use with Mouth to Mouth.

The band impressed him at first listen. “Joe [Bretz, their manager,] approached me with a few tracks, and I liked what I heard,” Lucasey said. “Then I met with them, and liked them, too.

“They’re young, but talented beyond their years. They have the potential to be epic, even historic. Without trying to be retro, they’re going to bring fans of classic rock together with fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction.

“The most exciting thing, besides their obvious musical talent, is how professional they are at such an early age.”

The band members were equally impressed with Lucasey. “He’s a madman, in a very good way,” said Scullion. “He’s considerate, and caring, and giving, but he’s also a drill sergeant in the studio. He knows how to bring out the best in a musician, and has a way of making you feel great about yourself as a player.”

Some of the songs being recorded for the album are already standouts in Mouth to Mouth’s live repertoire and are available in earlier versions on “My Fee Is Lust.” Those numbers include the seething, sinuous “Mammoth” and the thundering, romantic “Charlotte Light and Dark.”

“We’re remaking the older songs, and adding elements that the guys dreamt of and wanted in the recordings to begin with,” said Lucasey.

The band is also writing new material for the project.

“Every one of their songs, new and old, has its signature sound or identity,” Lucasey added, “but what ties the music together is their personality. This is a band that sounds like no other. They’re deceptively simple, but organically complex.”

Lucasey believes that the players’ prodigious musical skills truly set Mouth to Mouth apart from the rest of the rock ‘n’ roll herd.

“Alex is like a young Jimmy Page,” Lucasey said. “His guitar tones are fantastic, and he’ll use jazz chords in a rock context to bring something different to the table. Johnny has such a unique voice with tremendous range. And they jell together so well with Scott and Andrew. They know they belong together.”

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