Carex Shipping Upgrades Its Overseas Motorcycle Shipping Service

Carex Shipping, an international cargo shipping company, makes improvements to its overseas motorcycle shipping service.

Las Vegas, NV, December 06, 2009 --( On any given day, people can visit online auctions or motorcycle dealers in America and find bargains on motorcycles. But for those who live overseas, getting their purchase transported back to their home country can provide to be a bit of a challenge. Carex International Shipping Company has upgraded its USA - Overseas motorcycle shipping logistics that help consumers to keep the process safe and affordable.

“We've made special arrangements to help keep the shipping costs low,” explains Mike Sekirin, of Carex Shipping ( “We believe that, if you find a good deal on a motorcycle in the USA, it shouldn’t cost you a bundle to transport it. Our service has helped many people ship motorcycles internationally.”

Carex Shipping helps keep costs more affordable by having the motorcycle transported to the closest container loading terminal. This alone saves consumers a lot of money. To safely ship a motorcycle overseas, they take special care to crate it to prevent damage. They also take steps to drain the fuel and disconnect the battery for transport.

Another option that helps keep the price more affordable is allowing “shared container” services, where you pay only for the space you use in the container, rather than paying for an entire container. This allows several customers to share in the cost of shipping one container.

World-wide destination ports include Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, New Zealand, and the Middle East. In addition to shipping motorcycles, the company ships a wide variety of items, including passenger vehicles, pick-up trucks, machinery, household goods, and boats.

They are fully licensed and bonded through the Federal Maritime Commission, as required by law, and provide a full range of customer service assistance, which includes handling all paperwork, vehicle registrations, and helping transport the item to the destination city after it reaches the international port. They also provide a live customer-chat option on their site, making it easy for customers to have their questions answered.

Shipping motorcycles overseas is easier than it may seem,” adds Sekirin. “We make it our mission to help the customer, every step of the way.”

About Carex International Shipping Company:
Carex Shipping is an international shipping company based in the USA. It provides transportation services for export cargo to destinations around the world. The company has over 10 years’ experience at shipping all sorts of cargo, including cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, heavy equipment, machinery, travel trailers, and household goods and furniture. The company is fully licensed and bonded according to the Federal Maritime Commission regulations. To learn more about Carex Shipping, visit their Web site at

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