Videowebgate / are Opening an Office in Europe

Jerusalem, Israel, October 11, 2006 --( The owner and operator of the videowebgate TV portal has opened office in Europe (France) in order to be closer to the market.

"We are providing IPTV and Broadband TV solutions and system design as well as consultancy services in the field. The market in europe is blossoming however the lack of knowledge is a real problem here. so we are here close to our target market," says Amit Mendelsohn - owner of and the videowebgate. is a world wide IT expert and has a massive international experience in developing many kinds of systems especially in the digital video fields (Security and surveillance, Compression and transmission, IPTV and Broadband TV as well as TV websites).

"The European market, unlike the Israeli, Far Eastern or the American, is suffering from lack of technical people and lack of know-how, the result is high prices for… nothing. The customer isn’t receiving what he can and the new and exciting technologies are being left out." Mr. Mendelsohn continued, "However in the same time, the TV in Europe is becoming stronger and stronger, the big daily newspapers are dying slowly (at least in France) and the Internet is not receiving the right market share."

At the same time The Videowebgate portal - the flagship of releases its sport TV software (Free as all the rest) and opened the Classic Cartoons section.

Videowebgate is a self financed company and never had any investment. "Of course we would like to have an investor. However, we know very well what a strong product we have, and we to be have patient," summarised Mr. Mendelsohn.

From The beginning of October our European customers can find them to be very close and accessible.

Untill today the vieowebgate has released:
Videowebgate 2.3 (last version)
Videowebgate 1.1 lite version (English, Hebrew, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Portuguese)
Videowebgate Music Box
Videowebgate Sport center

Videowebgate Cartoon center will be released within a month and will contain a complete cartoon center for kids.

Amit Mendelsohn