Starts a Unique Video/Animation Advertising Services - to Promote Individual, Websites, Products and Services

The service was created due to the understanding that the Internet is not a TV and advertising that suit the TV does not suit the web in most cases. - March 12, 2008 Launches the Free Radio System (Marseilles, France), launches a new service that will enable users to create their own radio station or audio blogs online. - September 25, 2007

Videowebgate Launched the Kidstuff

Kids should have fun, this is Videowebgate concept of websites. They do not need to write a blog or post a Video but they want to watch video, listen to music, play game, chat and more. - April 18, 2007

New Directory of Websites Dedicated for Free Services

More and more services on line are being provided free for users and build their business plans over the revenue from advertising. set up a special directory engines just for this specific purpose, to allow users to browse or add free services, software, information websites. - March 31, 2007 Launches the Video Powered Business Center

Business networking is great however they are not enough to do business, the business communication center by (PMBCom) will cover the rest, from personal tools through visual showcase to communication. - March 11, 2007 Releases a New Online Magazine Hebrew/English

Amit Mendelsohn, the owner of videowebgate tv portal, is renewing its online magazine, a weekly free magazine in Hebrew and English. - February 15, 2007 and Cooperation Release Clipmaker 1.0

A cooperation between the top-tech free dating website,, and the leading video technology provider results the release of the Xone8 Clipmaker - a software for easy creation of visual content (images and video clips). - December 30, 2006

Videowebgate / are Opening an Office in Europe

The owner and operator of the videowebgate TV portal has opened office in Europe (France) in order to be closer to the market. "We are providing IPTV and Broadband TV solutions and system design as well as consultancy services in the field. The market in europe is blossoming however the... - October 11, 2006

Videowebgate Releases a New Free Software "Music TV Box"

Videowebgate, the largest video portal online, Releases a new software dedicated to music TV live stations online. software is downloadable from the company website for free. - August 27, 2006

Videowebgate Opened the World Cup Section

Videowebgate opened a world cup section to allow fans to watch the games hopefully without interruptions. - June 05, 2006

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