Tradecision 4.7: New Version of Tradecision Now Available

Long-expected release of the well-known professional trading software: new features, considerable improvements, corrections and changes.

Los Altos, CA, December 10, 2009 --( Alyuda Research, one of the world’s leading providers of trading and forecasting software, today announced the immediate availability of a new version of its professional trading software, Tradecision 4.7.

Leveraging on the many features built into the previous version, this latest release contains both improvements in functionality and new distinctive features:

· TD Ameritrade data feed is now supported
· Order types (market, stop, limit, stop-limit) can now be set for additional strategy stop rules
· Connection to Interactive Brokers can now be kept alive for some time if IB server goes down
· New functions for reversal patterns: VTop and WTopEx
· Multiple minor fixes in Tradecision and Data Manager
· Various speed and usability improvements

Tradecision is designed for thinking traders who understand the importance of using good trusted software in their decision-making process. With Tradecision, traders get proven technical analysis tools and artificial neural networks in a single package.

Tradecision is available in two different editions for different kinds of traders: Professional and Professional Real-Time. The software helps users to create and test their own winning trading systems to reduce the risk and maximize profits.

Tradecision 4.7 is expected to provide traders with full-featured software to perform outstanding-quality market analysis in the shortest time frame.

About Alyuda Research
Alyuda researchis an internationally recognized provider of technical analysis and neural network software for enterprises and individuals. Founded in 2001, Alyuda demonstrates its commitment to innovation and a dedication to its customers by developing high-end solutions with an exceptionally high quality service.

About the Tradecision Application
Tradecision is a professional trading software application for charting, technical analysis and creation of trading systems. With Tradecision, traders can successfully combine technical analysis with artificial intelligence in any market, in any time frame.

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