Varazo Helps Small and Medium Sized Companies Find Opportunity through Pay per Click Optimization

Paid Advertising through Search Engine Marketing can be a tremendous lead generation and branding opportunity for small and medium size companies; however, the reality is that many companies are missing out on this huge opportunity simply due to lack of experience in how to optimize Pay per Click advertising campaigns.

Santa Clara, CA, October 12, 2006 --( Varazo recognized the opportunity and challenge involved in executing Pay Per Click advertising on Search Engines that landed in the face of small and medium sized companies a few years ago, and began working with a broad range of companies to help them achieve and often soar past their Search Engine Marketing goals. The outcome was the creation of an integrated Pay per Click Optimization solution tied to a proprietary Pay per Click bid management tool, which has molded itself into becoming one of the most compelling Pay per Click Optimization solutions available today.

When companies choose Varazo to start or improve their Pay Per Click advertising campaigns, within days it becomes crystal clear that a complete Pay per Click Optimization solution is indeed the answer in reaching their marketing and sales goals. Our inbound sales calls have doubled since launching Varazo's Pay Per Click Optimization (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs," says Steve Kim, President of Turbo Electronics, "We will continue to invest in internet marketing programs because our company website is our major source of sales leads."

So what exactly is Pay Per Click Optimization? Pay per Click Optimization encompasses campaign optimization, keyword bidding optimization, and landing page optimization.

Campaign optimization refines the most effective mixture of ad text, keywords, campaign budgeting, media selection and coverage and geographical scoping which will minimize the cost of click and ultimately the number of conversions. Keyword bidding optimization maximizes an ad’s exposure in terms of ad uptime and ranking while minimizing the resulting cost - accomplished through daily fine tuning of the maximum keyword bid prices. Varazo has an automated bid software tool that maximizes client ad uptime and number of clicks and conversions within the budget by tracking daily spending and utilizing Google and Yahoo's estimated search volume along with the client's historical performance. Landing page optimization identifies effective layout, navigation, message, and presentation on the landing page to maximize the likelihood that a user who clicks on an ad will follow through to the defined conversion process.

Missing any of these three elements in executing a Pay per Click campaign can result in drastic losses through wasted advertising budgets, however, perhaps more important to note, is the world of missed opportunity that was originally opened through the Internet and Search Engine Marketing.

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Varazo defines, executes and measures marketing campaign success via the internet. Varazo partners with customers, tailoring on-going and seasonal internet marketing campaigns. Varazo professionals consult and manage all aspects of internet marketing including: pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads, specialty site listings, search engine submission, landing page design, internet yellow page submission, internet partnerships, and ecommerce. The company was established in 2004. Varazo is located in Santa Clara, California.

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