Auslogics Disk Defrag 3 Features Advanced Disk Optimization Techniques

Auslogics releases a new version of Disk Defrag. Disk Defrag is not a simple defragmentation program anymore - now it is a comprehensive disk optimizer.

Sydney, Australia, December 11, 2009 --( Auslogics releases a new version of its famous defragmentation tool – Disk Defrag 3. The new version uses advanced algorithms that turn Disk Defrag into a comprehensive hard drive optimization tool.

Here is what’s new in Auslogics Disk Defrag 3:

Free space consolidation

Simple defragmentation only defragments files and not free disk space. This means that free space is scattered all over the disk. When new files are created, Windows fills in those small free space fragments. The more fragmented the free space is, the more fragmented new files will be. Disk Defrag 3 merges free space into a large contiguous block. This technology effectively prevents file fragmentation and speeds up disk access.

System files smart placement

Quite often Windows system files get placed all over the disk and end up mixed with other files. As a result Windows takes longer to access them. Disk Defrag 3 arranges system files by defragmenting and moving them to the faster part of the disk. This improves overall computer performance and makes your system run smoother.

Keeping the MFT Reserved Zone clear

NTFS file system reserves about 12.5% of disk space for the MFT records (a place where information about every file and directory is stored). However, when the rest of the disk space is getting low, the MFT Reserved Zone is used to store regular files. This may lead to MFT fragmentation, which will force HDD heads to move more and slow down data access. Disk Defrag 3 moves regular files from the MFT Reserved Zone to the rest of the disk space, allowing NTFS to allocate contiguous space for the MFT records and prevent its fragmentation.

List of fragmented files

Auslogics Disk Defrag 3 creates a list of all fragmented files after performing disk analysis. Selecting any file from the list will highlight its clusters’ location on the fragmentation map. Selected files can be easily defragmented or added to the ignore list.

Improved design

Disk Defrag 3 features a sleek and intuitive Windows 7 style interface.

Other improvements include options to integrate Disk Defrag into Windows Explorer context menu and minimize the application into the system tray.

More features in Disk Defrag 3:

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