Stock Photo Agency Releases Salary Survey of Image-Buying Professionals

Southern California-based PhotoEdit Inc. conducted research during Fall 2009 to discover the pay trends amongst stock photography professionals, specifically those involved in the purchase of images at publishing houses and magazines. The research is being offered for free in PDF format and will hopefully be useful in evaluating the overall market value of image industry professionals.

Costa Mesa, CA, December 11, 2009 --( In its first-ever salary survey, leading multi-ethnic picture provider PhotoEdit Inc. drafted a series of questions and sent them to 1,230 stock image buyers with the hope of creating a snapshot of image professionals' general market value.

Geared mostly towards those working at large publishing houses and magazines, the survey was aimed at photo editors, photo researchers, art directors, and other professionals involved in the selection of imagery for published works.

Consisting of dozens of specific questions regarding location, salary, raises, bonuses, company size, job security, benefits, and general career outlook in the image-buying industry, the survey elicited responses from across the United States. Offering a glimpse into the publishing world's monetary hierarchy, some of the responses are eye-opening.

The full research results are available in a free 10-page PDF which will hopefully be useful to those involved in the creation, sale, or purchase of stock imagery. Readers interested in the research can have the PDF file sent directly to them absolutely free of charge simply by emailing PhotoEdit's research manager at and asking for it.

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