Hammerax Indigo® LTD Edition 23” Crashride

Clearwater, FL, December 11, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Hammerax announces the releases of a Limited Edition US Made 23” crashride.

At just 1935 grams average, it weighs in as one of the lightest large cymbals ever created.

“There is a beautiful low range roar sweeping up to a dark silver crash. At 23” with a fair sized cup, this can also fill a room with volume. The ride sound is very flexible according to the type of sticks used. The cup is integrated and when struck tends to echo a complex sound into the whole cymbal” said John Stannard, Hammerax President. A beautiful hammer pattern of thousands of dents adds strength and complexity to the sound. The crest of each dent has been micro lathed and polished while the valleys of the dents are fired dark. The finish on hammerax cymbals is NEVER painted or lacquered.

The cup is forged completely through hammering. “We know of no other cups in the cymbal industry being made this way. This adds strength and creates a unique tone. Hammerax brand cymbals are now stronger than ever due to the installation of a new hammer system at Hammerax that can refine metallic grain and add flexibility through hammering. Hammerax Indigo cymbals are hammered thousands of times and are made of a special alloy heat treated in a unique process. “Rolling happens while a cymbal is flat, but is only the beginning- this hammering method continues throughout the cymbal making process on a 3-D scale, adding strength, volume, and richness” says Stannard. Indigo cymbals show excellent crash durability and superior crack resistance.

Each cymbal has 3 holes for rivets. Removable rivets are provided with each cymbal. Each Indigo 23” crashride will be signed and numbered. Only 199 will be made. Availability is immediate. Made in USA Patents Pending

John Stannard, President, Hammerax Email: H@hammerax.com Phone: 727-442-5050

Sergio R. Samayoa