Witchy Moon Magickal Pagan Superstore Partners with Circle Santuary to Deliver Yuletide Care Packages to Pagan Troops

New York, NY, December 13, 2009 --(PR.com)-- This Yule, Pagan groups remember and support Pagan service members abroad.

WitchyMoon Magickal Pagan Superstore today announced that is supporting Circle Sanctuary’s “Operation Circle Care” program to collect Yule gifts for Pagan soldiers stationed overseas. As part of this sponsorship, WitchyMoon will be selling care packages on its web site, which can be sent to Pagan service members abroad. WitchyMoon will be offering a 25% discount on all care package items.

“Through this Yule program, we are sending a very powerful message that we care about our Pagan troops, which are working hard to defend America,” says Lady Falcona, proprietor of Witchy Moon, “I look forward to working with Circle Sanctuary on this important program.”

Yule or Yuletide is a winter Pagan religious festival that was later absorbed into the Christian festival of Christmas. Yule will be celebrated this December 21, 2009.

Founded in 2007, Operation Circle Care was formed to send care packages with Pagan books, magazines, CDs, and other spiritual resources to Wiccans and other Pagans on active duty in war zones. This year, due to the horrible tragedy at Fort Hood, they are also including the 150+ Pagan and Wiccan soldiers and their families living and serving at Fort Hood as well.

Paula Johnson, Coordinator, Operation Circle Care says, “We started this program to honor our Pagan troops during the holiday season. Troops of other religious backgrounds had organizations to support them but, unfortunately, many Pagans did not. We look forward to working with Witchy Moon on this important program. Pagans are part of the fabric of America and we want to remind our Pagan troops that we honor the work they do.”

About WitchyMoon: WitchyMoon Magickal Pagan Superstore is a family company with a comprehensive inventory of over 5,000 items to help support any one of the many paths one may take to the divine.

About Circle Sanctuary: Circle Sanctuary is a non-profit organization and legally recognized Wiccan Church.

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