3G Router Challenges ADSL

Stockholm, Sweden, December 12, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Induo have in 2009 found that use of the company's range of 3G routers broadened. From being mostly used for industrial communication between machines, more and more industries have seen the 3G networks, rapid expansion as a starting point for moving from fixed cable connections to routers for 3G.

"Earnings for the company that distributes products where internet access is part of the concept is that with a 3G connection the companies can get their solution to customers fast, compared to waiting for days, sometimes weeks, to the installation of the ADSL connection. With a 3G router, the product shipped to end customers could be up and running within a few hours after the installation. Price wise, 3G is competitive when compared with ADSL, the cost of a 3G router is often substantially lower than the cost of installing a cable or ADSL"says Ulf Seijmer, marketing manager at Induo.

In some applications such as parking garages, building automation, or stores, 3G coverage is sometimes not achieved at from the intended location for the installation. With the latest 3G routers from Induo the company can provide an appropriate solution. Thanks to the built-in wireless LAN routers can be placed where 3G coverage is best and then the equipment can be connected to the Internet to communicate with the router via the WiFi.

One of Induos customers who work with in-store solutions, recently made practical test in a shopping mall. The customer placed a 3G router with integrated wireless networking in a store at the cashier at floor level, then they moved into the shopping center which was crowded with people. Despite a complex radio environment with shops, separated by thick concrete walls and a plant in two planes reached the customer ranges of up to 60 meters radius via the built-in wireless network on both floors. Router's built-in wireless network was connected with the outside world via 3G and Multicom Securitys SIM card. The customer, who plans to launch its solution for the stores next year, sums up the impression of the tests with "not bad, this is a product that we are keen to continue working on".

"We at Induo has a thorough knowledge of both the RF as 3G communication which makes us a solid partner for this type of wireless solutions with mixed technologies. A shopping mall, a shop or a workshop environment is complex environments for wireless networks," concludes Ulf Seijmer, marketing manager at Induo.

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Ulf Seijmer