Winer Wealth Management, Inc. Offers Complete IRA Care Solution

Winer Wealth Management, Inc. in Woodland Hills, California is now offering The Complete IRA Care Solution, a comprehensive IRA distribution planning program designed by nationally recognized IRA expert Ed Slott. The program, which covers more than 150 key areas of IRA distribution planning, is available exclusively through the members of Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group.

Woodland Hills, CA, October 12, 2006 --( IRA specialist Rich Winer is pleased to announce that his firm Winer Wealth Management, Inc. is now offering The Complete IRA Care Solution, a comprehensive planning program that addresses virtually every aspect of growing and protecting an individual's retirement account.  

The Complete IRA Care Solution covers more than 150 key areas of IRA distribution planning as well as planning for 401(k)s and other qualified plans.  

"These are the key issues that will determine how much of an individual's retirement account will be left after taxes to support the IRA owner and his beneficiaries and how much will go to the Government," explains IRA specialist Rich Winer.  "With proper planning, an individual can parlay even a modest IRA into substantial multigenerational wealth.  However, because most people, including CPAs, estate planning attorneys and financial advisors, know so little about IRA distribution planning, they make mistakes and oversights that almost always result in the IRA owner and his beneficiary having to pay a fortune in excess and often unnecessary taxes."

When it comes to IRAs and the potential adverse consequences of making even the smallest mistake or oversight, Rich Winer, knows what he's talking about.  He's become nationally recognized for his ability to identify and correct critical IRA and qualified plan-related mistakes and oversights and saving his clients millions of dollars in taxes.  In 2005, he was mentioned in The Wall Street Journal for identifying an oversight by two CPAs and saving the beneficiaries of an inherited multi-million dollar IRA more than $700,000 in taxes.  

"Most people don't realize that the tax laws surrounding IRAs and qualified plans are extremely complex,"  Winer explains.  "Making IRAs among the most complex assets to own and inherit.  With The Complete IRA Care Solution, we can give our clients a complete 150 point IRA check-up and help them avoid potentially costly mistakes and oversights.  We can also save them a fortune in taxes and increase the magnitude and longevity of their families' wealth."  

The Complete IRA Care Solution was designed by nationally recognized IRA expert Ed Slott exclusively for the members of his Elite IRA Advisor Group, an invitation-only group of retirement specialists from around the country.  Rich Winer is a charter member of Ed Slott's Masters Elite IRA Advisor Group and has been described by Mr. Slott as "a financial advisor that you need to know if you are serious about protecting and preserving your retirement savings and being able to capitalize on little-known tax rules that can have a multi-million dollar impact for you and your beneficiaries." 

Winer Wealth Management, Inc.
Aleisha Russell