SynRG Becomes the First Russian Member of EFGCP

Moscow, Russia, December 17, 2009 --( Synergy Research Group (SynRG), a Russia-based CRO recently became the first Russian member of the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP). This is another SynRG’s step to establishing a civilized market for clinical trials in Russia and improving its research attractiveness for foreign study sponsors, to name but a few of SynRG strategic goals.

EF GCP was founded during a conference at the European Parliament in 1993 with the support of the European Commission. Since its creation, EFGCP has functioned as a leading European think tank for discussion, research, and critical evaluation in the development of European health research.

Geographically located in the heart of Europe, EFGCP places itself in the centre of a pan-European effort to create a single area for clinical trials that concern 700 million people. EFGCP is striving forward to make patients anywhere in Europe feel they can confidently get involved in a clinical trial.

One of EFGCP major purposes is to promote Good Clinical Practice and encourage the practice of common, high-quality standards in all stages of biomedical research throughout Europe.

“These goals and objectives are very much in line with our own (SynRG) long-term strategies, so we’d be very pleased to join our efforts with EF GCP”, says Igor Stefanov, SynRG General Manager.

From the very beginning of its membership SynRG became involved in EFGCP activities and plans on integrating Russia into European R&D community. On 7th December 2009 EFGCP Board Meeting endorsed a plan and corresponding list of actions, demonstrating collaboration between EFGCP and SynRG in Russia.

“We have a mutual interest in facilitating the conduct of clinical research projects in Russia to the highest standards of GCP, by providing appropriate information and training of investigators and ethics committees in these standards”, comments the collaboration Dr Frank Wells, EFGCP Ethics Officer and Co-Chairman EFGCP Ethics Working Party.

The goal of the joint program is to include Russia in the area of EFGCP influence, and, as a result to establish a trustworthy reputation of Russia as a peer ethical partner among the International Clinical Research Community, particularly – Europe. The following objectives should be attained among others: to establish a dialogue between EFGCP and Russian non-profit and government institutions involved in clinical trials in Russia; to launch EFGCP training programs amongst the Russian clinical trial (CT) community – CRAs, investigators and, especially, the members of the local ethics committees; and to integrate Russia into the European R&D community.

“Being a natural member of European family; de-jure as a formal non-member of EU; and de-facto as a terra incognita for most Europeans, Russia suffers from this triple nature, as a result of ignorance, misinterpretation and lack of trust and rapport from the European community. We are keen to change this situation”, says Igor Stefanov.

“EFGCP has already demonstrated its wish to reach beyond the current boundaries of the European Union by having on its Board of Management Professor Olga Kubar of St Petersburg; she also serves as the EFGCP Education Officer. This collaboration with SynRG is a further positive development in the same direction” says Dr Frank Wells. “We also very much appreciate the opportunity of adapting and utilizing some EFGCP programs for internal SynRG Training Centre activities”, adds Elena Malysheva, Head of SynRG Training Centre.

Synergy Research Group (SynRG™) is a Russian contract research organization, which has been successfully operating in Russia since 2002. SynRG™ offers a broad range of services for conducting clinical trials for Russian and foreign pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies – from study approval to the final report. The company has its own clinical depot in Moscow. Today, Synergy Research Group is represented in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, and also in Almaty and Astana in Kazakhstan. The company’s headquarters are in Moscow.
EFGCP is a non-profit organisation established by and for individuals with a professional involvement in the conduct of biomedical research. Its purpose is to promote Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and encourage the practice of common, high-quality standards in all stages of biomedical research throughout Europe and globally.

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