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LEEP Becomes National Law Enforcement Sponsor of ‘Project Safekids’ Programs

Major Police-Public Initiatives Underway to Make ‘Amber Alerts’ Even More Effective

LEEP Becomes National Law Enforcement Sponsor of ‘Project Safekids’ Programs
Springfield, IL, October 12, 2006 --( Project Safekids a leading provider of child safety programs in the U.S., today announced that Michigan’s Law Enforcement Educational Programs group (LEEP) has agreed to be the exclusive National Law Enforcement Sponsor for 2006/2007 Project Safekids initiatives. Project Safekids community child safety programs are specifically designed to enhance the “Amber Alert” networks now in use by most police agencies.

“We’re very excited to have LEEP as a sponsor of Project Safekids this upcoming year,” said Scott Woods, Director of Project Safekids child safety programs. LEEP brings a lot to the table through its extensive expertise in cooperative Law Enforcement/community programs. We look forward to having LEEP act as a consultant on new Project Safekids programs and services that will benefit America’s children, he added.

Project Safekids offers the most advanced child safety programs and services of any organization in the country, according to Richard W. Weiler, LEEP’s Executive Director. "t is a natural extension of LEEP’s goals, and a wonderful opportunity for us to help all law enforcement officers take on a proactive role in making their communities just that much safer. We are proud to endorse these activities – even more, to become a part of them.

LEEP, a non-profit organization, is the community service arm of the Police Officers Labor Council, the largest organization of represented law enforcement officers in Michigan. Dedicated to developing and implementing cooperative police-public programs that improve law enforcement and community safety activities, LEEP already provides active programs on law enforcement career scholarships, teen driving safety, and educational programs on 911 emergency phone network usage. 

The Project Safekids, LEEP Partnership 

The “Project Safekids” programs won’t be LEEP’s first step into police-community service programs outside of Michigan. Its “Students on Sobriety” program approach to tackle the difficult problem of illegal teen drinking is already being widely duplicated in other states, and the original official LEEP program and its support materials are available on videotape or DVD disks to any school district which requests it.

Project Safekids child safety programs enhance the “Amber Alert” program, and include sponsoring participatory community events at which professionals collect “10” fingerprints of the child through biometric scanners, digital photography and the storage of those profiles in digital formats on CD-ROM. This format easily interfaces with official police needs in the event an “Amber Alert” is ever required. These permanent ID records are given only to the child’s parents or guardians. Project Safekids events do not database any of the collected information on the child so the parent retains the only record.

The Project Safekids Child Identification systems were created specifically to work with the National Amber Alert System, so that “interface” compatibility is no accident. The group also provides the widely used Amber Alert Digital ID Software and Amber Alert DNA/ID Kits to community law enforcement agencies across America.

More information on Project Safekids and its “Amber Alert” community child safety programs can be found at  . 

More information on LEEP and its community safety activities can be found at  .

Both LEEP and Project Safekids have the same goal: To form partnerships between Law Enforcement, Communities and Corporate Sponsors across the U.S. to offer their services and programs at little or no cost to participants.

Project Safekids also provides Amber Alerts broadcast over the Internet through “Amber Alert News Tickers,” “Syndicated XML Content” and “Missing Children Posters.” Other related Project Safekids programs provide child safety information on Cyber Bullying, assisting on Child Safety Legislation and providing a clearinghouse for National Sex Offender databases.

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