B2B Soft & WIREX Team Up to Revolutionize Accessory Ordering and Sales Processes for Wireless Retail Industry

New integrated solution makes it easier for a retailer to manage inventory and increase profit selling wireless accessories.

New York, NY, October 14, 2006 --(PR.com)-- B2B Soft, a business-to-business software solutions company specializing in business management and POS solutions for the wireless/cellular retail industry, and Wireless Xcessories Group of Huntington Valley, PA (WIREX), the largest wholesaler of aftermarket accessories in America, have teamed up to help wireless retailers sell more cell phone accessories at the point of sale.

Wireless retailers using B2B's Wireless Standard POS system can now access WIREX's complete product catalogue in real time as well as view stock count within the catalogue, directly place an order, and check an order's status from their point of sale terminal. This level of integration and automation effectively guides the salesperson and customer through the selection and purchasing process, making it easier for the retailer to generate revenue from WIREX's complete line of over 3,000 accessory items for more than 100 different brands of cell phones.

"Wireless accessories represent an untapped revenue source for many retailers, mostly because they don't know how to sell them, don't want to invest in inventory, and are not set up to deal with the logistical issues of ordering and tracking," says Steve Orlov, vice president of sales for B2B Soft. "By teaming up with WIREX and providing real time, integrated access to its product catalogue at the point of sale, and automating the order fulfillment process through our Wireless Standard software platform, we're offering wireless retailers a simple, seamless, single-source approach to generating new revenue from the sale of wireless accessories."

"Our alliance with B2B Soft will revolutionize the way wireless retailers sell accessories," says Richard Bickel, senior account manager at Wireless Xcessories Group. "In the past, there was no marriage between suppliers and their retailers' software solution; retailers needed to go through the time consuming process of manually inputting product information and product codes, and risked selling only what was on the shelves or in stock. Now, everything is done automatically and electronically at the point of sale, giving the retailer access to the widest possible product catalogue and saving time, reducing input error, and making it easier for the salesperson to help a customer find what they need and place an order. Our goal is to help put more money in the retailer's pocket."

Wireless Standard is the base product of BTB Soft, built on a commercially secure and stable client-server model and created on the most advanced and reliable platform available - Microsoft's .NET™ enterprise-level technology. Some of the Wireless Standard software for cellular features include: Cellular POS, Product Management, Inventory Control, Employee Management, Carrier Activation Interface and Commission Tracking, just to name a few. Product website: http://www.WirelessStandard.com

About B2B Soft
BTB Soft is a business-to-business software solutions company, specializing in applications for the wireless/cellular retail industry. More information about the company can be found at: www.b2bsoft.com

About Wireless Xcessories Group
The Wireless Xcessories Group (WIREX) is the largest wholesaler of aftermarket accessories in America, providing its products to dealers, distributors and airtime carriers. WIREX is a publicly traded company (AMEX symbol XWG) with corporate headquarters located in Huntingdon Valley, PA.

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