Agency Execs Stock Up on Alka-Seltzer, Tums as ‘Silly Season’ is Here

Time for Clients to Review Agency Efficacy is Upon Us - What is Your Agency Brand Potency™?

Cincinnati, OH, October 14, 2006 --( Just like a credit score can help determine loan qualifications and rates, for an advertising agency executive, the ABP score may be even more important. Don’t know your ABP score? Perhaps that’s why clients are proving difficult to keep.

...Or attract.

The ABP score is an Agency Brand Potency score, and measures how strong an agency is perceived to be by both current and prospective clientele – a good indicator of future and continuing revenue. According to agency brand marketing expert Mark Sneider, managing director of Reardon Smith Whittaker (RSW), advertising, public relations and integrated agencies alike must be proactively prepared for the upcoming so called “silly season,” typically late October through early December, when clients are most likely to change agencies. Sneider explains that by better understanding an agency’s brand potency, agency executives will see clearly how they stack up against the competition – and where they need to improve.

The Agency Brand Potency™ score is determined through a quick battery of questions, which are then analyzed by RSW. The free test can be taken online at RSW will benchmark agencies on each question, showing them how they stack up to their competition. RSW can then offer specific recommendations to increase the brand potency of a given agency and better align them to attract more business and also, according to Sneider, “the right business.”

“Not all agencies are right for all clients,” Sneider says. “On the surface, this sounds so logical, but I never cease to be amazed at agencies that have very little identity and target anything moving. This philosophy is short sighted at best, because even if you’re lucky enough to win the business, it perpetuates the inevitable slide toward the demise of the client relationship the first day they sign on the dotted line. You can’t build a viable agency this way.”

Sneider encourages all agency stakeholders to take the questionnaire to arrive a better consensus of answers, rather than just the principal or president – who may have a “less than objective view” of the firm. The ABP battery asks participants to rate such questions as client satisfaction, agency support of messaging, and the effectiveness of the current development or new business manager. “It’s a good first step,” Sneider added.


Reardon Smith Whittaker is a lead generation and agency branding consultancy that operates like a virtual new business development group to help agencies build pipelines of qualified new business opportunities and more effectively position themselves in the marketplace. More information can be accessed at: or by calling 513.898.0940 x101. Sneider can be contacted at
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