Solid Insight Expands its Product Solutions with SolidCAM

Dayton, OH, October 14, 2006 --( Solid Insight, a local supplier of product design, manufacturing, and development solutions, has become the Great Lakes reseller of its newest product solution for computer-aided manufacturing, SolidCAM™.

SolidCAM is totally integrated in the mainstream 3D CAD system SolidWorks, enabling all necessary operations for CNC manufacturing of a part inside SolidWorks. With its single-window integration in SolidWorks, all SolidCAM machining operations are defined, calculated and verified in the SolidWorks environment. All geometries used for machining are fully associative with the SolidWorks design model. When the geometry of a part design is modified, SolidCAM enables the user to automatically synchronize all machining operations with the updated geometry. Since no data translation is necessary, not only is precious time saved and risky errors within the production process minimized, but also the communication between designers and NC programmers is greatly improved.

“SolidCAM is a recognized leader of integrated CAD/CAM solutions based on SolidWorks, and has been realizing strong marketplace growth with software products that reduce cost and improve productivity in the design and manufacturing market,” said Brad Weaver, President of Solid Insight, LLC. “We’re very pleased to have them as our partner, as more customers move from separate CAD and CAM systems to the combined SolidCAM + SolidWorks solutions.”

About SolidCAM

Founded 1984 by its Managing Director Dr. Emil Somekh, SolidCAM provides manufacturing customers with a full suite of CAM software modules for 2.5D and 3D Milling, Multi-sided Indexial 4/5 axes Milling, Simultaneous 5 axes Milling, Turning, Turn-Mill up to 5-axes and WireEDM. SolidCAM has been awarded Certified Gold-product status from SolidWorks and provides seamless, single-window integration and full associativity to SolidWorks models including parts, assemblies and con-figurations. Today, SolidCAM has more than 10,000 seats installed in industry and education and is sold by a worldwide reseller network in 40 countries. SolidCAM has been on a very rapid growth path since it implemented the SolidWorks integration strategy. In the CIMdata NC Software Market Assessment Report, CIMdata named SolidCAM as the worldwide fastest growing CAM vendor in 2003, 2004 and 2005 with revenue growth rates of +39.4 percent, +51.1 percent and +40%.

About Solid Insight
Solid Insight, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, represents and supports SolidWorks, SolidCAM, and related CAD applications, as well as Z Corporation 3D Printing equipment to help organizations streamline their product development cycles. Staffed by engineering professionals with broad industry experience, the company helps customers achieve their design thru manufacturing process and rapid prototyping objectives. For the latest news and information visit the company's Web site at or call 937-436-3535.

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