Features Sea Adventures from Andrew Rafkin and Who Do You See in the Mirror? by Dr. Joseph Williams showcases its featured book and author, with a trilogy from Andrew Rafkin, and a workbook on responsible behavior from author Dr. Joseph Williams.

Green Bay, WI, December 23, 2009 --( Another year will soon pass. wraps up the year 2009 by featuring a special selection of book and author. It’s a combo of appreciating life and changing it for the better. The featured book is Who Do You See in the Mirror? by Dr. Joseph Williams, and the featured author is an experienced fisherman and a successful entrepreneur, Andrew Rafkin.

Author Dr. Joseph Williams’ Who Do You See in the Mirror? provides eye-opening and substantial insights. In his book, he introduces his innovative Human CABLE System (HCS), a model for changing irresponsible behavior into accountable behavior, based on a real-life commonsense approach. It’s for employers and employees who seek direction and positive change in their work behaviors.

Who Do You See in the Mirror?, is a comprehensive and personally beneficial book that has a potential of improving today’s irresponsible environment on a global level. It defines the importance of having responsible members on all organizations, on every level of the ladder, to sustain progress and avoid failure. It’s a guide book that encourages readers to find their most responsible behavior—and hopefully influence others.

Featured author Andrew J. Rafkin was born from a commercial fishing family, in San Pedro, California. Even at a very young age, he already showed passion on sea adventures. In fact, in one of his fishing ventures, he was caught by a hurricane that almost cost his life; this later inspired him to write his true life adventure, Red Sky Morning. He’s also an avid reader of action-adventure and political thrillers, which lead him to write Creating Madness, his first novel in the O.R.C.A. series.

Andrew J. Rafkin is a Navy veteran, and was able to serve during the Vietnam War. He later earned degrees in economics and marketing from California State University.

Rafkin’s books can be viewed on his website at

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