BookWhirl Commences the Year’s Third Quarter with a New Campaign Service

Bookwhirl Publishing begins the 3rd quarter of 2013 with the launching of the company’s Library E-Campaign Service through Library Journal. - August 04, 2013

BookWhirl Kicks Off Its Facebook Contest: Publish for Free 101 gives the public an opportunity to be rewarded with three publishing packages through its Facebook contest, Free Publishing 101. - May 03, 2013

BookWhirl Launches Listing and Publicity Package introduces a new mix of ad listing and publicity packages for self-published authors. - April 20, 2013

BookWhirl Reveals New Marketing, Publicity, and Advertising ServicePak Products recently introduced a new lineup of marketing, publicity, and advertising packages to its author clients through its ServicePak offering. - March 29, 2013

BookWhirl Unveils Ingram Advance Catalogs Service unveiled a new addition to its roster of print advertising services, the Ingram Advance Catalogs service. - March 15, 2013

BookWhirl’s Launches New Set of Add-On Publishing Services announces the launch of its roster of new add-on services that are guaranteed to give authors a more intensified book production experience. - March 02, 2013 Launches Bookmarks Magazine Service; Gives Self-Publishers Access to a More Affordable Print Advertising Option

Recognizing authors’ need for a more cost-effective print advertising service option, has developed and launched the unique Bookmarks Magazine Service. - February 23, 2013

An Exciting and Enlightening February with’s Featured Book & Author, Loveless in the Nam and Donald Crawford announces its exciting and enlightening February selection of featured book, Loveless in the Nam by Jim Boersema, and featured author, Donald Crawford. - February 09, 2013

Free Marketing and Online Bookstore for Self-Published Authors proudly announces the launch of its Bookstore and Book Gallery, its new services created to help authors market their books. - January 31, 2013

The Spotlight is on’s RTIR Marketing Service launches a comprehensive RTIR Marketing Services for self-published authors who want more extensive media coverage for their work. - January 27, 2013 Features Motivational Speaker Tom Askins and an Interesting Read by Mike Williamson showcases its featured book and author for the month of December, with motivational speaker Tom Askins and an interesting book from author Mike Williamson. - December 13, 2012 Launches Black Friday Double Book Deals celebrates Thanksgiving by offering the Black Friday Double Book Deals. - November 17, 2012 Unveils the World Changer Publishing Packages launches the World Changer packages as their month-long campaign’s last installment. - October 06, 2012 Unveil Specialty Publishing Packages reinforces their publishing debut with the launch of special publishing packages. - October 04, 2012 Launches its Publishing Service with 100% Royalties finally ventures into publishing after four years of offering online marketing services. - September 27, 2012 Features The Healers by Thomas Heric and Cheryl Madeleine Lodico announces its featured book and author for the month of October, The Healers by Thomas Heric and author Cheryl Madeleine Lodico. - October 21, 2010 Features Dr. Sarah M. Levy and Al Andalus – A Trail of Discoveries by Michael Mifsud announces its featured book and author for the month of September with Dr. Sarah M. Levy and Al Andalus – A Trail of Discoveries by Michael Mifsud. - September 22, 2010 Offers Big Discounts for the Lucky 7 Promo offer discounts up to $490 to self-published authors when they take advantage of the Email Advertisement Campaign. - August 18, 2010 Launches its Service Starter Video Campaign uploads its service starter videos online for public viewing. - July 31, 2010 Features the Value of Friendship and the Love for Science and Writing announces its new featured book and author with David Field and The Lonely Star by James Wilkinson. - July 15, 2010 Launches Refurbished Website tops the month of June with the launching of its newly refurbished website. - June 26, 2010 Warns the Public on “Phishing” Email Scams’s official statement on “Phishing.” - May 27, 2010 Debuts Its Affiliate Marketing Program launches its Affiliate Marketing Program for self-publishing companies. - May 27, 2010 Offers Its Lastest Featured Author and Book with Jackie Carpenter and My Dreams Come True by Ioan Dirina Offers its latest Featured Author and Book with Jackie Carpenter and My Dreams Come True: A Journal of My Paranormal Experiences by Ioan Dirina. - May 20, 2010 Offers Refer an Author Program offers a reward program to their former and existing clients. - May 13, 2010 Brings Back the Early Bird Promo brings back the Early Bird Promo for the month of May. - May 06, 2010 Announces Its 5-day Markdown Sale brings out fully discounted marketing services for the last five days of April. - April 22, 2010 Features Coach Patty James and In Quest of the Deeper Self by T.C. Gopalakrishanan shares its featured book and author, with spiritual mentor Patty James and reflections on a deeper self from author T.C. Gopalakrishanan. - March 18, 2010

Last Call for Self-Published Authors Before Price Mark Up announces its intended service price increase to all self-published authors. - February 18, 2010 Launches a Wider Publicity Coverage Tool for Self-Published Authors launches its Newswire service as their latest online book marketing tool. - January 28, 2010’s First Promotional Video announces its first 30-seconder promotional video. It's exclusively produced for and by the company. - January 21, 2010 Features Sea Adventures from Andrew Rafkin and Who Do You See in the Mirror? by Dr. Joseph Williams showcases its featured book and author, with a trilogy from Andrew Rafkin, and a workbook on responsible behavior from author Dr. Joseph Williams. - December 23, 2009 Launches Its Early Bird Thanksgiving Promo brings out fully discounted marketing services for the entire month of November. - October 29, 2009 Reveals Factual Comparative Chart to Self-Published Authors unveils comparative advertisement about email advertisement services. - October 23, 2009 Opens Another Season with Truths from Tom Graneau and Sci-Fi by Miki Sommer showcases its choice book and author, with financial truths from author Tom Graneau and letting go of elusive love from author Miki Sommer. - October 02, 2009 Launches Refer an Author Program, and Acquires B+ Rating from Better Business Bureau premiers the Refer an Author Program, and discusses their acquired Better Business Bureau rating. - September 25, 2009’s Revitalized Book Publicity Service offers quality and affordable book publicity services through its revitalized Media Release Campaign service. - August 04, 2009’s Online Directory Listing Service Proved as Highly Satisfactory offers quality and affordable book marketing services through Online Directory Service. - July 27, 2009 Co-Sponsored One-Day Instock Conference for Self-Publishers sponsors one-day conference for self-publishers in San Francisco, California. - July 25, 2009’s Improved Web Design Service offers full quality web design service in most affordable prices. - July 23, 2009’s Supersavers Email Advertisement Campaign offers a highly efficient opt-in Email Advertising Campaign in a less expense. - July 17, 2009 Celebrates Freedom with Tales from Brian Hanson Appleton and Poetry by Paul Kloschinsky showcases its choice book and author, with reflections on the rich Iranian culture from author Brian Hanson Appleton and a comfort from life’s complexities from author Paul Kloschinsky. - July 16, 2009 Launches Its Online Chat Support launches Online Chat Support for clients who want immediate response for their concerns. - July 09, 2009

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