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Michigan Overtakes Ohio State in the Ultimate Sports Network's College Football Rankings

This release is intended to announce the results of the weekly USN College Football Rankings. It will list the top ten teams in college football as well as list the college conference rankings. It also gives information on how the rankings were computed as well as contact information for Ultimate Sports Enterprises.

Las Vegas, NV, October 24, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The Ultimate Sports Network College Football Rankings

#1 Michigan Last Week #2
#2 Ohio State Last Week #1
#3 West Virginia Last Week #6
#4 USC Last Week #3
#5 Boise State Last Week #4
#6 Rutgers Last Week #8
#7 Louisville Last Week #7
#8 Florida Last Week #5
#9 Auburn Last Week #9
#10 Georgia Tech Last Week #19

Conference Rankings
#1 Big East
#2 SEC
#3 Pacific Ten
#4 Big Ten
#5 ACC
#6 Big Twelve
#7 Independents
#8 Mountain West
#9 MAC
#10 WAC
#11 Conference USA
#12 Sun Belt

It has been a great season so far in college football. Now enough games have been played for the Ultimate Sports Network to determine who is number one, as well as number one hundred and nineteen. These rankings attempt to answer three simple questions. "Did you win the game?" "Did you control the game?" "Was the team you played any good?"

USN attempts to answer these questions by multiplying a teams winning percentage by their "control points" by their schedule strength.

Did you win the game? This is fairly simple. It is better to win a game than to lose, and can you picture "Bear" Bryant or Bobby Bowden, or even Pete Carroll addressing his team after a loss and saying, "Well, boys you fought hard and I am glad to see we only lost by three on the road." Good teams win on the road, bad teams don't. So USN does not factor if a game was played at home or on the road.

Point number two. Did you control the game? Basically, did you win because the other team missed an extra point or because a play was over turned by replay, or was the outcome never in doubt? Third, not only who did you play, but how did they play against their competition.

"Control points" are the value USN has given to a team's margin of victory or defeat. Win a game by ten points (at least two scores) or more and a team receives (4) four points. Win by nine points or less and receive (3) points. Lose a game by less than ten points (at least two scores) and receive (2) two points. Lose by more than ten points and receive (1) one point. Then simply average the totals for all games played to get a team's Control Points Total.

The same criteria is used to determine strength of schedule. Simply take the average control points total of the opponents that have been played to determine strength of schedule.

Teams without a win are assigned a winning percentage of 0.0001 for mathematical purposes.

As the media arm of Ultimate Sports Enterprises, The Ultimate Sports Network is a fan driven media experience designed to allow those that love sports the opportunity to report on what they have seen and to enlighten others as to the local flavor of all of our sports experiences. Rather than focus on the up to the minute statistics that are available on numerous sites, USN chooses to focus on columns, podcasts, and historical statistics to entertain like minded fans that are more interested in the “Why” than the “What”. USN continues to grow and is constantly searching for intelligent, innovative, and somewhat fanatical columnists and podcasters who are willing to share their love for sports with the rest of the world.

Ultimate Sports Enterprises was founded in 2004 as a company designed to take sports fans in directions they may have never dreamed existed. For example, through the International Association of Sports Bars and Pubs, they are producing an international darts and billiards competition where players will compete at their favorite watering hole, entry fee is only five dollars, and the winners and runners up will get to compete on an international basis in the grand tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. The initial five dollar entry fee allows the local winners and runners up to participate in the international tourney. Prize money will be rewarded locally and internationally based on the number of entries.

Ultimate Sports Enterprises, LLC located in Las Vegas, Nevada produces fan oriented contests, provides timely sports information and opinions to sports enthusiasts throughout the world. If you are interested in carrying these rankings, advertising on the company’s website, or sponsoring an Ultimate Sports Enterprises event, please go to the company’s website www.ultimatesportsenterprises.com, contact Frank Gordon at frankgordon@ultimatesportsenterprises.com or call 702-265-0329. Updated rankings and analysis are available on a weekly basis each Tuesday by 8:00 AM Eastern.

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