Vircas Releases its Vircas Media Player with High Definition Capabilities

Los Angeles, CA, October 17, 2006 --( Thursday, online streaming video newcomer Vircas ( introduced its Vircas Media Player (VMP). The player is the first in a $2 billion space to offer full-screen High Definition quality video and audio to those who publish video on the web.

Vincent Hirth, Vircas Chief Executive Officer, created the concept after his move to the States uncovered a void in creative television programming that can be found in France and England. “We created a means for content publishers to show their videos anywhere at anytime with picture quality never before seen on the web and without the threat of copyright infringement.” said Hirth.

Video producers and distributors have been among the first to license the solution citing VMP as a more effective means of generating sustainable revenue from viewers who, until now, have been unwilling to pay for programs online because of the lack of video quality. Distributors using VMP are also experiencing tremendous cost savings by distributing over the web instead of costly pack and ship methods.

TV networks and web video delivery leaders, such as Google, Yahoo, and YouTube have stepped up their efforts to boost marketshare for online video despite growing concerns from content providers around digital piracy. Vircas boasts the most advanced Digital Rights Management solution removing the ability for viewers to retain any content on their computer.

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About Vircas:
Vircas offers a full-screen DVD and HD quality video streaming platform called Vircas Media Player (VMP). VMP, built on proprietary technology, enables error free transport of high bit rate video over the Internet without congestion or network latency. The player contains a sophisticated digital rights management protocol that eliminates the storage of content on a viewer’s computer. 

Matt Brown