Remedia’s All Natural Weight Loss Program Helps Obese Man Lose 55 Pounds in Two Months Without Exercise

Beverly Hills, CA, January 01, 2010 --( While there have been numerous stories of weight loss pills and diets being ineffective, there seems to be evidence of a weight loss program that actually lives up to its promise. Remedia Weight Loss client Danny Milea, like millions of young American men, suffered from obesity.

Weighing 264 pounds and severely depressed, Milea became desperate for a permanent solution and turned to popular diets hoping to lose the fat and keep it off. Without experiencing any long term weight loss, Milea continued researching weight loss clinics and stumbled upon a weight loss program he says changed his life.

After contacting a Remedia Weight Loss specialist in Beverly Hills, and following his doctor’s easy protocol, Milea lost 31 pounds after being on the program for 30 days. Pleased with his results, Danny continued the program and lost a total of 55 pounds in two months.

Many patients of weight loss programs or consumers of popular diet supplements often complain of suffering from hunger pangs, irritability, or other side effects, but Danny states that while he was on Remedia’s plan, he “was never tired, hungry, or had any mood swings.” He credits Remedia Weight loss for giving him a second chance at life.

The program that Danny utilized is not new. This alternative, all-natural compound has been mentioned in major TV news programs such as Fox, NBC and ABC, and is well-known by celebrities, athletes and models who have successfully controlled their weight and kept it off for years.

What’s Remedia’s secret? Under a doctor’s supervision, patients can safely lose 1-2 pounds of fat per day, using a special weight loss formula that seems to trigger the hypothalamus gland to start burning calories, and use abnormal fat reserves that aren’t normally depleted with diet and exercise alone. Clients reportedly have lost weight quickly and easily, with minimal exercise.

Besides ridding the body of fat, the natural substance used by Remedia is said to help deplete the body of excess toxins when administered by a doctor. Toxins have been linked to a host of various diseases, and is regarded as one of the main reasons why obesity has reached epidemic proportions.

Renowned weight loss/detox expert Ann Louise Gittleman explains the connection between toxins and obesity. “I don't believe that people are overweight because they simply under exercise and overeat. I believe that one of the reasons is a tired, toxic liver, which when it is overloaded with toxins cannot perform its fat burning abilities.”

Many Remedia patients have lost fat and have detoxified their bodies using a plan that was tailored to meet their weight loss goals. Several months after Danny completed Remedia’s program, he has maintained his weight and is happier than ever. He kept his weight off, and notes that one of the reasons why the plan was so successful was due to the support, education and motivation he received by Remedia’s doctors and staff.

He’s back to living his life, and enjoying his new look. “People comment that I look like I did when I was in college and that to me is such a blessing.”

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