Piola Restaurants to Choose Ordyx as Their New POS Provider for All US Locations

Boca Raton, FL, January 02, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Ordyx is proud to announce today that Piola has chosen Ordyx as their Point of Sale solution to be implemented in their US locations.

"We researched many POS providers and decided that Ordyx's enterprise solution was the best fit for our business model", said Stefano Cavinato, partner of Piola. "At the end of the day, we wanted something simple, effective and affordable, and Ordyx's solution delivers just that. With their system, we feel confident that we can effectively manage our restaurants from anywhere in the world, from our laptop to our iPhones. We are very pleased with the support we get from them and that is why we have decided to move forward using Ordyx in all of our US locations"

Piola will benefit from Ordy's POS because Ordyx works as a service, not a product. With Ordyx Stefano will be able to monitor the daily operations of his establishments from remote locations. From anywhere in the world he can login to the Internet (PC, Mac, iPhone, etc.) and know exactly what is happening in the restaurant in terms of everything from open orders to current inventory levels. He can even approve Voids or Comps via his smartphone and/or receive alert text messages on his phone when selected events occur at the stores.

Piola had worked with various POS systems prior to choosing Ordyx as their new business partner; however, they decided to switch to Ordyx in order to fully benefit from the functionality that the system offers. They wanted real time support and flexibility from their POS provider.

"We are thrilled that Piola has chosen us to support their technology needs", said David Marrero, Ordyx's Business Development Manager. "Our software is designed to allow restaurant owners to focus on their core business which is great food and great service. Our innovative technology will work well for Piola by providing them with the flexibility that they need to effectively run multiple locations. In addition, Ordyx's remote capabilities allow our support technicians to provide them with assistance immediately when they need it. We are available for support 24/7 because we know that POS for restaurants and bars is undoubtedly time critical."

About Ordyx

With its headquarters in Boca Raton, FL, Ordyx has grown to become a strong player in the highly competitive POS market. Its innovative technology enables restaurant owners to enjoy the outmost flexibility of managing their business from any location, by simply accessing the internet - even from their portable phones. Ordyx's commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the world-class customer support provided 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Ordyx takes pride in earning their customer's business one month at a time - there are no contracts and no extra fees for support calls.

About Piola

The success achieved in Italy by Piola has started to spread around the world: Piola's quality is now sought after by discriminating and trend-setting international clientele in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

At Piola, the most genuine Italian tradition of simple and delicious food combines cleverly with a particular service and ambiance for the demanding and modern customer, who chooses Piola aware of the fact that feeling comfortable is as important as eating well. People from all walks of life and backgrounds meet and gather at Piola, since they are sure to find their own space in an atmosphere that balances freedom and well being with good taste.

Aline Silva