Virto SharePoint Alert Customizer 2.2: New Features for Designing Microsoft SharePoint Reminders

Virtosoftware announces a new version of Virto Alert Customizer for Microsoft SharePoint 2007, an effective solution that enhances SharePoint Alert Management System. The new version of the web part allows for attachments for alerts and reminders as well as sending single ticket reminders.

San Francisco, CA, January 03, 2010 --( Virtosoftware presents a new version of one of its major web parts for Microsoft SharePoint - Virto Alert Customizer 2.2. Virto Alert Customizer expands functionality and flexibility of the default SharePoint notification system by offering a wide range of additional alert-related options and features. The web part allows for creating custom alerts and reminders within a minute by any SharePoint user given enough security rights, sending them to a specific user or a group of users by e-mail, SMS and instant messengers, making custom Rich Text Template for different types of alerts and using link templates when designing alert views, setting up sophisticated alert triggers and scheduling delivering schemes.

The new version of Virto Alert Customizer allows for any type of attachment for both alerts and reminders. Now you can adjust the notification system to get, for example, an alert about completing the task with the attached budget, or a reminder about an upcoming meeting or event with the attached event schedule.

Furthermore, Virto Alert Customizer 2.2 allows for sending not only a single ticket alert, which was available in previous versions of the web part, but also for a single ticket reminder. A single ticket reminder is a reminder which is sent at particular time containing information about all the upcoming events within a future specified time period. With this option a user can, for example, get a daily batch reminder at 17:45 about all the events and tasks scheduled for the next day.

With the new version of Virto Alert Customizer you will never forget about your tasks or miss any of the scheduled event and meeting. Virto Alert Customizer 2.2 is already available at . Visit the website for more information about Alert Customizer and other Microsoft SharePoint web parts by Virtosoftware, trials and demo versions, the latest installation packages as well as installation and user guides.

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