Tapunited Releases iPhone App That Could Save Your Life

Tapunited is pleased to announce the release of its new contact management app for the iPhone, My Town Contacts, that gathers in one place all the numbers and information you need to feel safe, secure, and totally together---the ones that could save your life and the ones you love.

Hartford, CT, January 05, 2010 --(PR.com)-- “This is an important app. I can’t imagine anyone being without it. Calls made within 3 seconds---essential in an emergency.” - Kenneth Sheptoff, CEO Sheptoff Investment Group LLC

As an added benefit, it makes your life easier by prompting you to add in information on your town: for the library, town hall, schools, local pharmacy, and your favorite restaurants and stores. You even have an “Other” category to customize for your most personal priority numbers.

Whether in an emergency, or simply for convenience, My Town’s One-Tap Dialing will give you peace of mind and a deep sense of security.

Wake up in the middle of the night to a fire or the sound of a burglar? Don’t panic. Simply reach for your iPhone and One-Tap Dial the fire or police department. No need to look up their numbers, because you already input them into My Town.

On a trip and worried because you can’t reach an elderly relative or parent, and you can’t remember their neighbor’s name? Don’t worry. You’ve already done the research and put it into My Town. Simply reach for your iPhone and One-Tap Dial their neighbor or caretaker.

Don’t want to wait through annoying 411 automated calls to find emergency services numbers? You no longer have to wait. You’ve already been prompted to enter them in My Town.

At the airport and are afraid you might have left the stove on? One-Tap-Dialing allows you to quickly reach a relative or the fire department.

On the way home and want to order take out from your favorite Chinese restaurant? You have that number too, at your fingertips.

Hillary Davis