An Ultra-thin Fanless Panel PC EVOC PPC-1251

PPC-1251 contains a 12.1" LCD, a low power processor and rich I/O ports.

Shenzhen, China, January 05, 2010 --( As a member of EVOC’s new generation fanless Panel PC family, PPC-1251 contains a 12.1" LCD, a low power processor and rich I/O ports. The product keeps abreast of the latest trend in the IPC technology by deploying low power and fanless design. Its excellent architectural design solves the heat dispersion problem for the complete PC system, and its ultra-thin form factor not only brings exquisite outer appearance, but makes it ideally suited for various harsh industrial environments. The R&D and production of PPC-1251 reflect EVOC’s deep understanding about HMI market. PPC-1251 can be widely used for electric power, mechanical manufacturing and other fields.

EVOC is one of the leading manufacturers of embedded and industrial computing products. It has over 1,500 types of products, including Fanless Systems, ETX/Com-Express, Full-size CPU Card, Half-size CPU Card, 3.5" Single Board, 5.25" Single Board, EPIC Board, Industrial Panel PC, Workstation, PC/104 product, CompactPCI, Network Application Platform, Rugged Laptop and OEM/ODM services. As a high-tech company, EVOC devotes itself to providing highly reliable and stable embedded products and system-integrated solutions for various applications, such as banking, electric power, electronics, energy, environmental protection, gaming, instrumentation, manufacturing, medical care, aerospace & aviation, networking, telecoms, traffic systems and transportation.

EVOC Intelligent Technology Company Limited
Rebecca Choi