LegalView Announces Expansion of Car Crash Practice Area

LegalView has recently expanded their automotive crash practice area to include victims in accidents where drivers were guilty of using cell phones while operating their cars.

Denver, CO, January 05, 2010 --(, one of the leading providers of free legal resources on the Internet, is pleased to announce the expansion of its automotive crash practice area, available at The current extensive practice area provides individuals with access to a wide range of legal resources regarding car accidents, truck accidents, or contacting a car accident lawyer. Several pages are available free of charge, including an extensive articles page which features a library of informative pieces regarding many different facets of automobile crashes, litigation surrounding several pivotal cases, government releases concerned with legislation and federal laws dealing specifically with automotive transportation safety issues.

The most recent LegalView update comes in response to recent legislation by many state governments to ban cell phone usage while driving. While only 6 states (California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington) currently ban all handheld cell phone usage while operating a motorized vehicle, several states have passed legislation effective January of 2010 restricting cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle. The hope of these new laws is to reduce the possibility of being involved in a car accident while using a cell phone. These new laws expand the language in the older legislation, outlawing text messaging, hands-free cell phone use, or all cell phone or PDA usage while driving a car, truck or school bus.

Many of these laws are coupled with hefty fines, upwards of $100 in some states for infractions. Furthermore, law enforcement officers may ticket a driver for using a cell phone while driving without another traffic offense taking place. Almost 80 percent of car accidents and 65 percent of near accidents are a result of driver inattention, of which cell phones and drowsiness are the primary cause, according to a 2006 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

Many of these new laws also offer drivers who have been involved in a car accident the opportunity to take legal action against the offending driver if he or she was using a cell phone while operating their vehicle at the time of the accident. This could have the unexpected consequence of creating a large number of people seeking to develop an automobile accident lawsuit against drivers in violation of the cell phone laws.

The possibility of this increase in the number of lawsuits puts the services of an experienced car accident attorney in high demand. To this end,, in its quest to provide the most comprehensive online legal resource available, has opened up its practice areas to include litigation against drivers responsible for accidents while using a cell phone. also provides extensive resources for a host of other legal issues, including information regarding Avandia. They offer several articles, links, and access to an experienced Avandia lawyer, all free of charge.

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Danielle Franklin