How to Increase Powerball Lottery Odds

With the numerous amounts of programs and ways to beat the odds at winning the Powerball available on the internet, how can you be sure which ones work if any? The truth is that none of them work.

Harrisburg, PA, October 17, 2006 --( There is only one way to increase your odds at hitting the Powerball jackpot and that is to buy more tickets. No one can predict the numbers that will be picked. The number combination 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 has as good of a chance as any other. When you purchase two tickets for the Powerball drawing you actually double your chances at winning. Your odds are now 2 in 146,107,962 or 1 in 73,053,981. Still not so great right? But what if you purchase 500 tickets? Your odds are now better than one in 300,000. Great!

However, most people are not willing to risk $500 for those odds. This is where lottery pools come in. You probably already have one at your workplace. These types of Powerball Pools account for over 40% of the jackpot winnings. Why? Because it works and you’ll have fun while you do it too. The link to an internet pool below, for instance, allows you to purchase a share at hundreds of tickets for only one dollar. Before the Powerball numbers are drawn, each player receives a sorted list of every number combination purchased so they can check if the group won themselves. If you choose to contribute two dollars instead of one, your share in the jackpot just doubled. It’s the most flexible way to play the Powerball on earth! You’ll have total control and it won’t cost you any more than what you would pay for the tickets over the counter.

Greg Rogoszewski