17 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic

Most companies and small businesses don't get the amount of traffic they want to their website. Red Rocket Media Group has published a tutorial giving 17 ways to naturally increase traffic to any website.

Windsor, CO, January 06, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Having a healthy amount of website traffic is required to be successful in most businesses today. No website traffic means no website sales.

One of the most annoying circumstances business owners experience is seeing their website being beaten a competitor down the street who offers half as much at twice the price. If only customers knew about their better prices, selection, and service. But how? Why does one company's website get all the traffic and another company's website is seemingly invisible?

Red Rocket Media Group has published a tutorial to help businesses to increase their website traffic. Red Rocket says they provided the tutorial for businesses because so many companies have a website that is going unseen.

The tutorial ideas vary from online marketing to new spins on old-fashioned methods like print and word of mouth. The idea that has drawn the most attention is how to use new social media tools like Twitter and Facebook to get more web visitors. Social media has boomed in recent months and many businesses are scrambling to put it to work for their companies. The tutorial explores a few ways for companies to use social media profitably, and also gives questions for companies to ask to determine if they should even pursue social media in the first place.

The tutorial is meant for businesses of all sizes with a website. "Whether a business is trying to increase traffic from 10 to 100 visitors a month or from 100,000 to 200,000 a month, these ideas can help." said Marketing Director Aaron Brown. He went on to say that the 17 ideas presented come from Red Rocket's 10 years of hands-on experience with helping clients.

Anyone can download the free tutorial, "17 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic" at www.redrocketmg.com/website-traffic.asp.

Red Rocket Media Group
Aaron Brown