Bitter Tastes, Mystery for Kids 8-12, to be Released by Stargazer Press in November 2006

New mystery for kids keeps them on the edge of their seats - till the murder is solved.

Urbanna, VA, October 18, 2006 --( Bitter Tastes, a new novel by V.B. Rosendahl, will be released in November 2006 by Barrie, Ontario publishing company Stargazer Press.

Sixth-grader Kathy Harmon has just moved from Cherry Hill, New Jersey to Warner, North Carolina, an island town on the Outer Banks. Sad and lonely, she's sure her secret - and living in the fanciest house in town - will prevent her from making friends. To help fill Kathy's days before school begins, her mother enrolls her in a "Kooking with Kids" class taught by local restaurant owner Janine McCallum. Janine and Kathy become fast friends.

One day after cooking class, Kathy overhears an argument between Janine and the owner of a competing restaurant. Janine is found dead the next day.

Martha Cunningham, a classmate from the wrong side of town, pushes Kathy to solve the mystery. Martha's lifelong knowledge of Warner and Kathy's puzzle solving skills lead the girls to find three people who have Janine's past in common. But can they also solve the mystery?

Rosendahl has written fiction since the age of 10. Currently, she is a full-time copywriter, novelist and online entrepreneur. For more about V.B. Rosendahl, please visit her website at .

Her first novel, Uneven Advantage, was published in 2001 under the pen name Toria Gaunt. “I took the pen name in order to separate my adult fiction from my juvenile fiction. Toria is a shortened version of Victoria, my first name, and Gaunt is my Mom's maiden name. Both she and my Dad were voracious readers but Mom was the one who encouraged me to read a lot and write stories. The name is a tribute to her.” Uneven Advantage is available online at .

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Victoria Rosendahl
Victoria Rosendahl