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Nanoparticles for Fuel Conservation and Green Initiatives?
By Joe Noel, Emerging Growth Research

“EnerTeck’s main product line, called EnerBurn, is an EPA approved fuel borne catalytic engine treatment that enhances performance and efficiency while reducing engine wear and lowering the nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions level discharged from diesel engines. Research centers and customer tests have shown EnerBurn to be a proven and effective emission and fuel consumption reduction agent. Specifically, EnerBurn conditions diesel engines by forming a catalytic nanolayer on the combustion chamber surface. We believe the Company's technology is impressive based on solid science.”

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same
By Gary Phillips, GAP Capital

“The Fed of the 1950's was obviously just as concerned as today's Fed when it came to controlling inflation, and the economic results of their actions suggests they had figured out the essence of sensible policy. This led up to a confluence of economic, social, and demographic factors, collectively reinforcing each other, that produced a period of long-term growth and prosperity commonly referred to as The Golden Age.”

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QuantRx Biomedical Adds Up To Exciting Medical Diagnostic Pioneer
By Jordan Darrow, Darrow Associates

“Point-of-care diagnostic products generally use a lateral flow process (where human fluid flows through a testing strip until it engages with a chemical agent to produce a “positive/negative” indicator) that is designed to provide testing at home or as a front-line examination by a healthcare professional in order to ensure timely diagnosis, more immediate treatment, earlier intervention, limiting of the spread of a disease (within the patient and to others), and patient convenience. All of these benefits ultimately lead to a reduction in medical costs, and improved patient care, that are significant drivers behind President Obama’s healthcare reform campaign.”

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The Myth Of Nabucco: Greed, Delusion and $11.4 Billion
John C.K. Daly,

“Inside Beltwayistan, a number of Bushevik oil patch zombies still roam the recession-blasted landscape mindlessly chanting their Caspian mantra, “Happiness is multiple pipelines” - with the caveat that they flow westwards and bypass both Russia and Iran. They’ve now added a new word to their vocabulary, “Nabucco,” and worse, have bitten a number of Obama administration officials and visiting European politicians, who have joined their shuffling ranks.”

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