Plastic Card Printer Announces 24-Hour Delivery for Custom Plastic Cards

Monsey, NY, January 09, 2010 --( Tele-Pak, Inc., a plastic card printer, is proud to announce a new 24-hour printing service that ships custom-made plastic cards overnight anywhere in the world ( In addition to offering key tags, hotel key cards, and event cards, the site sells gift cards, fundraising cards, cards & keytags, and ID cards. The site is a premium on-demand plastic card printing service.

Tele-Pak, Inc. is excited to introduce its new 24-hour [plastic card printer] service. Within 24 hours of signing off on artwork, credit-card-size cards, printed 4/4 colors with variable data are ready for delivery to the customer’s doorstep (48 to 72 hours for cards containing magnetic strips or scratch-off).

The site offers key tags, hotel key cards, event cards, gift cards, and ID cards—anything with bar codes, magnetic strips, numbers, letters, or scratch-off strips. It also offers [plastic card printing] services. Offerings are only limited by one’s imagination (think school reunion, family gathering, new store openings, pet ID cards, and new product promotions).

A free sample card pack is available upon request at For regular no-rush service, go to For overnight delivery, go to Instant online pricing is available. Tele-Pak’s art department is also available for assisting with art design and modifications.

About Tele-pak, Inc. (
Established in 1996, the [plastic card printing] company is based in Monsey, New York. It provides business card printing services, as well as services to create ID cards, gift cards, discount cards, and business cards, fund-raising cards, key tags, show cards, event cards, and club cards. Deliveries are fast (24 hours as long as the cards do not contain magnetic strips or scratch-off strips, two to three days for other kinds of cards).

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