Valentine's Gift for the Sweetest Man in Your Life - A Luscious Bottle of Sweet Wine from France Available at Yats Wine Cellars

Yats Wine Cellars rolls out a new idea for Valentine's Gift for your favorite man - a bottle of sweet dessert wine from France.

Manila, Philippines, January 09, 2010 --( Chocolate and flowers are not the only options for a Valentine's gift. Ladies are not the only one on the receiving end of Valentine's day either. And heart is not the only acceptable shape of things on 14th February 2010.

Freed from shackles of traditions and obsolete paradigms, gentlemen now find themselves on the receiving end of gifts on Valentine's Day. Along with this new trend is a new problem - what do you give your favorite male person on Earth? Well, wine of course. But what wine? Well, not all traditions should be broken, not all at once at least, so something sweet still seems appropriate.

Sweet wine is not as obscure as one might think. Sweet wines are enjoyed routinely with regular food like the classic match-up of Foie Gras with Sauternes. In fact, sweet wine goes marvelously well with Chinese food including all-time favorites like Peking Duck and Sweet-and-Sour Pork.

Sweet wine can be extremely delectable if it is well made but it can be borderline disgusting (cloying) otherwise.

Yats Wine Cellars ( has the widest selection of sweet dessert wine from France and also Icewine from Germany and Austria too. Like Champagne, good dessert sweet wines are never cheap. The cheap ones are never good. Production cost of these wines are very high, much higher than for dry wines.

Philippines wine supplier known for its line of fine vintage wines, Yats Wine Cellars was established in 2000 to address the requirement of a growing population of wine enthusiasts in the Philippines. Yats Wine Cellars caters to the discerning client who requires these qualities in their wines: (1) excellent value, (2) large selection of labels and vintages to choose from and (3) wines properly aged for full enjoyment.

Sister company Y A T S Restaurant and Wine Lounge is one of most wine-sensitive fine-dining establishments in Asia. B Y O (Bring Your Own) Wine evenings occur regularly for wine enthusiasts to enjoy their recent finds over a gourmet meal specially crafted to be wine friendly. The wine list of YATS Restaurant is equally impressive and satisfying to the hard-to-please. Mark-up is small and that makes it the friendliest wine restaurant in Asia.

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