CSC Screeding to Implement Workspace iX

Workspace to help achieve ISO 9001 accreditation and re-engineer the hub of the company’s business process to support future growth plans.

Nottingham, United Kingdom, January 10, 2010 --( CSC Screeding Ltd is a leading specialist floor screeding sub-contractor based in High Wycombe. The company have purchased Workspace from Union Square Software. Managing Director, Spencer Warner took the decision to re-align key aspects of the company’s business processes following a strategic planning day which highlighted a number of critical success factors and key milestones. This identified a series of key technology initiatives which the company will be implementing through 2010 as part of the overall development roadmap.

Spencer made the decision to implement a centralised information management system and formalise procedures through the system to support core aspects of the business and provide an infrastructure which would also provide a more streamlined platform for ISO 9001. CSC is a highly focused growth business and applies a disciplined approach to planning and business development. The underlying objective is to provide everyone in the business with a 360° view of each customer and every contract, enabling CSC to deliver exceptional customer service, provide value engineering support to its growing client base, support perfect delivery on major projects and facilitate informed enterprise wide management decision making.

Spencer found Union Square through IT Showcase and after an assessment of other products on the market decided to implement Workspace: “Workspace was the only product that could integrate the entire project process from start to finish. We were also impressed with the ability to see the entire structure of an organisation in one screen and the support that the product offered to both the pre and post contract project teams.” CSC will be using Workspace to drive forward continuous improvement in project work, tracking any issues on projects as they occur and undertaking a project review after completion. Workspace will also enable them to increase knowledge on their customers and leverage opportunities as they occur. Moving forward the induction process for new employees will be simple as all the information relating to existing contacts, enquiries and projects will be easily accessible and instantly available in one place.

Spencer sees the current economic climate as the perfect opportunity to implement a business wide information management system, “When the upturn comes we will have completed the Workspace implementation and be in the best position to grow. Furthermore the growth in turnover won’t be accompanied by an increase in administrative costs as Workspace will enable self service of information and reporting. Given that Workspace is the most widely used document, email and knowledge management system within the construction industry; with more than 30,000 construction industry professionals from 15 countries who are empowered every day by this technology, CSC is proud to be one of them.”

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