Lee Memorial Health System Launches Bariatric Program Web Site

Fort Myers, FL, January 10, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Lee Memorial Health System’s bariatric, or weight loss surgery, program, has launched a new Web site putting information on procedures and services available at prospective patients’ fingertips. The new site, www.leememorial.org/bariatricsurgery, outlines all aspects of the Fort Myers weight loss surgery program, including the following:

Calculators and information to determine if you are a bariatric surgery candidate
Information on different types of bariatric surgery
Diet and nutritional information
Patient testimonials and news stories
Pre- and post-surgical support services offered by Lee Health Solutions

“Our goal is to put as much information into prospective patients’ hands as early as possible,” says Moses Shieh, D.O., FACOS, who leads the LMHS bariatric program. “When patients choose a bariatric program, they should look beyond the surgery itself, but also consider support groups and staff in place to help them stay on course to lose weight and lead healthier lives. At LMHS, we’ve built a very comprehensive program that really delivers this whole package, and delivers it close to home. Our Web site reflects that and lets patients explore all that’s available to them.”

Dr. Shieh performs three leading bariatric procedures:

Gastric banding with LAP-BAND® or Realize® band: An adjustable, silicon band is placed around the top of the stomach, forming a small pouch at the top. As you eat, the pouch fills quickly and food is passed through the rest of the stomach and digestive process slowly. This creates a feeling of fullness and patients are not able to eat the same amount of food.

Gastric bypass: This procedure surgically staples off most of the stomach, except for a small pouch at the top. The small intestine is connected directly to this pouch, so a large portion of the stomach and portion of the small intestine is bypassed. This reduces both the amount of food patients can eat, as well as reduces the amount of calories and nutrients the body absorbs.

Sleeve gastrectomy: Most of the stomach is removed, leaving a banana-shaped sleeve that can hold approximately 15 percent of the food the full stomach held. The removed portion of the stomach is responsible for secreting a hormone that causes hunger, so while patients are not able to eat as much as they formerly did, they also don’t get as hungry.

He is also experienced in revisional surgery to correct or address problems patients may have due to prior bariatric surgeries, and in post-massive weight loss body contouring.

The site is more than a resource for prospective patients. It is also for those who have had bariatric surgery elsewhere and are in need of ongoing support after moving to the area, or those who have had surgery and need to get back on track. “Our Adopted Patient Program works just like our regular bariatric program, except for the surgery,” Dr. Shieh says. “Adopted patients start with a one-on-one consultation with our dietician to assess their needs, and then we take it from there. They can participate in the same support groups and activities our other patients do.” Activities are posted on the Web site each month.

The LMHS Bariatric Web site can be accessed at www.leememorial.org/bariatricsurgery.

About Moses Shieh, D.O., FACOS
Moses Shieh, D.O., FACOS, is one of the area’s most experienced bariatric surgeons and was one of the first in the nation to perform the sleeve gastrectomy procedure. He earned his medical degree from Des Moines University in Iowa and completed his residency at Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center, an affiliate of Michigan State University. He completed fellowships in laparoscopic bariatric surgery with Northeast Surgical Group – Great Lakes Bariatric Treatment Center and in cosmetic surgery through the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He is board certified in general surgery and board eligible in cosmetic surgery. More information on Dr. Shieh and Lee Memorial Health System’s bariatric program can be found online at www.leememorial.org/bariatricsurgery.

About Lee Memorial Health System
Open since 1916, Lee Memorial Health System is the fifth largest public health system in the United States and the largest community-owned health system in Southwest Florida. With more than 9,000 employees, LMHS is made up of four acute care hospitals and two specialty hospitals, as well as outpatient centers, walk-in medical centers and primary care physician offices. An award-winning health care system, LMHS provides regional programs, such as our Trauma Center and Children’s Hospital, which serve our community members from Tampa to Miami. Visit www.LeeMemorial.org for more information.

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