BioLink Enhances Another Medical Application with Its Fingerprint Biometrics

Lubljana, Slovenia, October 19, 2006 --( BioLink Solutions announces implementation of its fingerprint biometrics in Clinical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia. From now on, users of a medical information center Thorax.6 implemented in this hospital are being identified with their fingerprints when logging on to this Internet-based system.

Thorax.6 is an Internet application, designed in an ASP.NET environment and accessed by users via Internet Explorer on the HTTPS protocol. Users of the application are: doctors accessing their personal computers, organizers and desk computers in medical rooms; nurse personnel (nurses, physiotherapists) accessing the application via the computer in medical rooms of each department; office personnel accessing Thorax from their personal computers installed in their offices.

For this medical project, BioLink Solutions delivered its software development kit for the Web and biometric scanners BioLink U-Match Matchbook. Based on the provided kit, the clinical center itself developed a customized application allowing for biometric identification of Thorax users.

The custom development is now in its pilot phase and used mainly for testing purposes. It involves installation of the software and biometric equipment on all workstations of one clinic department, namely the Department of thoracic surgery. The Clinical Centre Ljubljana is planning to expand the project to a number of departments that are much interested in implementing biometrics, and enhance the biometric functionality to reliably identify medical personnel signing diagnoses and other medical records. They will also expand the use of biometrics to all other parts of the computer database – not only to the information system Thorax.6, the final objective of which is paperless hospital expected to be reached by the end of 2007. Clinical Centre Ljubljana has over 2000 beds and over 6000 employees, including over 500 medical staff.

The feedback of Thorax users towards the BioLink offering is quite positive, because it strongly simplifies and quickens the procedure of accessing the application. Because biometrics is less intruding and more user-friendly, employees are eager to use it. The whole system is much safer and the overall security is much stronger. Fingerprint authentication based on the BioLink solution has operated perfectly all the time, only a few minor adjustments of the FAR/FRR settings had to be made.

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