JetSpring WebStaff™ Keeps Your Website Open - Never Miss a Lead Again

Richmond, VA, January 10, 2010 --( In today’s demanding and competitive environment, businesses need to be available to their website visitors when they are online. JetSpring WebStaff™ is there to meet and greet your web visitors when they are interested in your product or service, even when you can’t be, by bringing live interactive chat capability to your website.

“JetSpring™ is positioned at the forefront of a critical Internet trend—adding live human interaction to websites,” explained Eric Kades, founder and CEO of JetSpring. “As the Internet continues to grow, more and more users—businesses and visitors alike—are migrating to online live chat.

“JetSpring WebStaff supplies the technology to make a website ‘chat ready’ and provides the cost-effective chat agent staffing to cover your website for 265 hours per month. This combination of technology and live US-based chat agents gives a business looking to grow revenue from its website the best of both worlds.”

JetSpring WebStaff offers well-trained, specialized sales- and customer-oriented US-based chat agents to meet and greet your web visitor, answer key top-line questions, qualify the visitor as a real lead, and capture email addresses to grow your database for future business. Once the chat is finished, JetSpring sends your leads to you instantly through a chat transfer, phone transfer or email, so that you can follow up right away and make that sale, without losing momentum. JetSpring chat agents are there when your customers are, even if you’re not.

WebStaff offers the “Four Cs” of online marketing—Coverage, Capture, Conversion and Customer Support.

• Coverage – Letting site visitors know you are “open for business” and there to help.

• Capture – Driving traffic to your site is expensive. JetSpring WebStaff enables you to capture more consumer data, including all-important email addresses, to let your sales force do their jobs.

• Conversion – The conversion rate from visitors to leads is 2-3 times higher for those who engage in WebStaff compared to relying on visitors to fill out a form on your site.

• Customer Support – Building customer relationships by ensuring that issues are forwarded to appropriate staff for resolution.

JetSpring understands how businesses work and performance-based marketing is the key to success. Kades explained, “If you were to hire a well-trained, business chat agent ready to engage your web visitors for 65 hours per week (M-F 9-9; Sat 11-4), it would cost you at least $650 per week at $10 per hour or nearly $3,000 per month for just one chat employee. However, outsourcing the same hours of coverage to JetSpring costs $99.95 per month for US-based chat agent coverage plus a pay-for-performance charge of $19.95 per qualified lead and $1.95 for each captured email from customer support chats. You pay for coverage, qualified leads and captured emails.”

JetSpring WebStaff functionality is easily deployed on a website in just a few minutes with no site disruption. Their experienced technical support team works with you to make sure chat capability is installed properly, chat windows match your site and proactive chat (pop-up window based on either visitor site behavior or time trigger) features are functioning. And they coordinate with you about critical company information enabling them to train the chat agents to represent you the way you want.

“It would be unthinkable not to have a salesperson on the floor of your store to answer shoppers’ questions and/or guide them towards a purchase. The same is needed for your website. The bottom line is that JetSpring WebStaff improves your ROI at every point of the marketing process from turning visitors into leads, improving conversion rates from leads into sales and increasing revenue per transaction. We save you the headache and expense that comes with staffing your own chat, while increasing results,” Kades concluded.

For more information, contact JetSpring at 877-578-0008, email them at or visit, or chat with, them on the web at


About JetSpring™—
Founded in 2008 by veteran marketing, sales and operations executives, JetSpring™ provides the best live chat staffing solution for business websites that use the Internet to promote themselves. Central to its mission—address a need of Internet marketing by providing websites with an element of human interaction in a way that promotes sales and marketing goals via qualified leads and online customer support. JetSpring WebStaff™ offers well-trained, specialized sales- and customer-oriented US-based chat agents to meet and greet web visitors, answer key top-line questions, qualify visitors as real leads and capture email addresses for future database growth. Once the chat is complete, JetSpring forwards leads to the department of the client’s choosing for immediate customer follow-up.
Morrisa Zimmeth