Investment Remodeling, LLC Opens Offices in the Dallas Metroplex

Investment Remodeling, LLC is for today's breed of cost conscious investors. Their business promise is accomplishing investor residential remodeling objectives reliably, on-time and on Budget.

Dallas, TX, January 10, 2010 --( Investment Remodeling, has opened offices in the Dallas Metroplex to serve area Residential Property Investors. Call them today and find out how they can help you with your investment selection, remodel it, then quickly and correctly get it on the market at or under budget.

Investment Remodeling, LLC is a dynamic team of full-service professionals who understand the needs of the 21st century Property Investor, and meet them. Time and Money is more valuable than ever, Investment Remodeling, LLC does not waste either. Here are a few examples of the offer:

- Survey Investment Prospects

- They Provide All Services

- Discuss Your Improvement Ideas

- One-Stop Contracting

- Suggest Improvement Ideas

- FastRemodeling, Done Correctly

- Build Remodel Plan Together

- Low Prices

- Get Started on the Closing Date

- Good Communication

It’s not unusual for Investment Remodeling, LLC to have remodel project completed within 10 days of escrow closing. The value of time and money is known and that’s one of the reasons their services are especially designed for the investor.

Call them today - their teams of experienced experts are waiting for your project.

Investment Remodeling, LLC

4621 South Cooper, Suites 131-345, Arlington, TX 76017

Main Telephone: (214) 431-4711


Paula Sutherlin
Chief, Field Services

Merritt Wiley
Chief, Business Management

Mobile: (214) 571-8984

Mobile: (214) 295-7200



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Investment Remodeling, LLC
Merritt Wiley
Paula Sutherlin