Top 10 Places to Invest in Properties for 2010 by Numbeo's Property Investment Index

Using property prices, salaries, rental data and derived indexes, pushed property investment index for 2010.

Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, January 13, 2010 --( Using information as price per square meter to buy apartments, rent per month, median monthly disposable salary and mortgage interest rate in percentages, publishes yearly property investment indexes. Property indexes it calculates are house price to income ratio, mortgage as a percentage of income, loan affordability index, price to rent ratio and gross rental yield.

House Price to Income Ratio is the basic affordability measure for housing in a given area. It is generally the ratio of median house prices to median familial disposable incomes, expressed as years of income.

Places with lowest house price to income ratio in the world in 2010 are :
- Lincoln, United States (house price to income ratio) 1.44
- Tampa, United States (1.44)
- Denver, United States (1.67)
- Austin, United States (2.05)
- Columbus, United States (2.10)
- Portland, United States (2.95)
- Berlin, Germany (2.97)
- Atlanta, United States (3.26)
- Philadelphia, United States (3.45)
- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (3.54)
- Frankfurt, Germany (3.66)
- Minneapolis, United States (3.91)
- Santiago, Chile (4.06).

Out of these locations, locations in Germany such as Berlin and Frankfurt have some advantages : strong export economy of Germany makes those locations very attractive for purchasing. However, big vacancy ratio of properties in Germany, negative population growth and legal system regarding property rentals makes Germany not so attractive. Santiago is a old interesting spot – solid Chilean economy, low crime ratio comparing to other South American countries, relatively low price per square meter and high yields make it as very attractive location for property investment.

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Mladen Adamovic