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Denver, CO, January 12, 2010 --(, the premier resource for those seeking free and professional legal information, is pleased to announce that it has recently updated its popular Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) blog at Individuals seeking information regarding any news on the subject of TBIs are encouraged to visit the website for access to several legal resources, including information on developing a brain injury lawsuit, contacting a brain injury attorney, as well as several resources related to TBIs.

The most recent blog post from the team recounts the tragic accident suffered by snowboarder and Olympic hopeful Kevin Pearce. During his Olympic qualifying run in Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in Utah, Peace attempted a twisting double-backflip, known as a cab double cork. When he landed the trick, he caught the toe-side edge of his snowboard, which threw him into the lip of the halfpipe. Though Pearce was wearing a helmet, he was knocked unconscious after he hit the embankment above one of his eyes. He was taken to the hospital and placed in the intensive care unit, where he is undergoing several different brain injury treatments to regulate the pressure in his brain. Though surgery has not been planned at this time, doctors are keeping a close watch on Pearce's condition.

Kevin Peace's accident highlights the inherent dangers of snowboarding. Though many riders wear a helmet, serious head injuries can still occur if an individual strikes their head in a certain manner. Such injuries are not uncommon in the sport; indeed many of the so-called "extreme" Olympic sports such as skateboarding, freestyle skiing, and snowboard halfpipe, just to name a few, carry with them a risk of serious injury. Even many of the more traditional winter sports carry a risk of TBI; bobsledding, alpine skiing, slalom skiing and skeleton all involve high velocity and high risk. The potential for a lawsuit and a brain injury lawyer seem almost inevitable in such a dangerous sport with many variables.

Partly because of the risks involved in these sports, much attention has been brought to the issue of TBIs in sports, especially with regard to the Olympics. Athletes in almost all sports are required to wear proper safety gear, including helmets. If these regulations were not in place, the chance for serious, debilitating injuries would abound. These safety efforts are designed to keep as many athletes safe during their competition. However, failing the initial safety concerns, athletes could be within their legal rights to contact an experienced brain injury attorney. Development of a lawsuit after suffering a TBI could help to pay for medical costs and improve quality of life. continues to provide legal assistance to those in need of experienced and qualified attorneys. In addition the the TBI portal, also offers access to a medical malpractice information portal. Individuals can discover a wealth of resources related to medical malpractice, including a medical malpractice lawsuit and several articles regarding malpractice.

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