Handbook for the One Day Traveller: Author Offers Hope to the Road Warriors of Business

London, United Kingdom, January 12, 2010 --(PR.com)-- British author Iain Moss has redefined business travel in his first book “The World One Day At A Time” published by Narra House Publishing.

After years of travelling around the world on business but seeing nothing of it, Iain Moss decided to rebel against the same old routine of airport‑hotel‑office‑airport and set out to build a single day into every trip to see something of the places he was visiting. His book details how he uses his precious 24 hours to explore some of the world's major cities and tourist attractions.

“Companies talk all the time about the need for work-life balance but then expect their staff to be on the job 24 hours a day while travelling on business,” Iain commented. “From the power breakfast when you wake up to catching up on email before bed after the obligatory business dinner with clients, it is one long treadmill. I decided to step off that treadmill once in a while and see something of the world.”

Prior to retiring from a large American Corporation, Iain Moss spent thirty years in a variety of International assignments and lived as an expatriate with his family all over the world. The experience of adapting to these changes as the family grows up forms a linking thread through a series of travel stories covering diverse destinations from Niagara Falls to Rio and New Orleans to Taipei.

“It is not just a book for business travellers,” he added. “I think it will strike a chord with anyone who has ever taken a family abroad while also serving as a useful guide for any traveller with limited time who is looking for help on how to explore a foreign city or attraction as efficiently as possible.”

“The World One Day At A Time” is available now from Amazon.com:


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The World One Day At A Time

The World One Day At A Time

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