Microsoft-Picked Safari Studios Game is Released

One of Microsoft's Dream Build Play finalists was released last week, and it's getting a lot of attention.

New York, NY, January 13, 2010 --( Creed Arena is a shooter game about futuristic gladiators fighting in an arena to impress thousands of spectators. It was chosen by Microsoft as one of the 20 finalists in their huge Dream Build Play competition in October last year. After that, Creed Arena underwent further development; gaining Live multiplayer and other new features, before being released on the XBOX Live Indie Games channel last week.

Already the game has had a lot of attention from the indie and mainstream press alike, gaining rave reviews from both. For a lot of gamers buying Creed Arena, it is their first indie game, and it is drawing more new gamers onto the indie scene every day.

"We knew we had a killer game on our hands, but even we are surprised by the amount of attention it has been getting!" says developer Matt Rietdijk. Matt and his brother Laurence built the game together, and with this new game release, they have raised the bar to a whole new level for small indie games development teams. The graphics are very polished, and the overall game play is unique and exciting.

The core game mechanic involves impressing the crowds, and at the end of each challenge the gladiators move up the popularity chart according to how many new fans they have gained. When a gladiator entertains the crowds with a melee kill or an impressive shot, he unlocks "crowd rage". This is an intense rampage during which the gladiator jumps higher, runs faster and plays tougher for a period of time.

This is not the only unique mechanic in the game. Players can switch between over-the-shoulder and top-down camera modes during the battle. Both modes have their strengths and weaknesses, and often you will find that you prefer one or the other based on the weapon you are using.

Fetatures include:

16 unique arenas, each with a different challenge
Switch between top-down and first person modes
Solo Championship - become the most popular gladiator in the tournament
Splitscreen Co-op - play through the game with a friend
Online Multiplayer - get to the top of the global popularity chart
Splitscreen Online Multiplayer - two people can play online together on one XBOX 360


Matt Rietdijk

Safari Studios
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