RobinReader for iPhone – New Release from RobinLab

RobinLab released RobinReader, free RSS reader for iPhone. RobinLab started offering custom RSS solutions and explain their business value.

Boston, MA, January 14, 2010 --( RobinLab announced launch of RobinReader, free RSS client solution for iPhone. RobinReader is lightweight, fast and easy to use. At the same time, RobinLab starts offering custom RSS client solutions.

"We started receiving requests to implement custom RSS reader from our partners even before we have finished our RobinReader. Many businesses can benefit from offering custom RSS reader for mobile platform," said Konstantin Balashov, RobinLab Director of Product Marketing.

RobinLab suggests three scenarios for custom mobile RSS reader solutions.

Some companies can use custom RSS reader as a marketing tool. The idea is to give away for free a neat iPhone application that shows company news and messages on a screen. Unlike regular RSS reader, it will not require any configuration – it will be pre-tuned up to company RSS feed. Plus, it will be decorated with company style and logo. This solution could be especially beneficial for companies with non-technical customer base due to simplicity of use.

Companies selling subscription-based content can sell it through RSS. There are two evident obstacles. Firstly, RSS content is not protected and not suitable for non-free content. Secondly, everybody uses browsers and is ok with them. Why would they need RSS? Answer to the second question is simple. Browser is convenient on a desktop with a big screen. RSS reader could be a better fit for checking announcements on a smaller screen of mobile device. Content protection will require additional efforts. Company web site will need HTTPS content encryption and some authentication (or, in plain English, Login/Password) mechanism. However, companies in subscription-based content distribution business are likely to having both already in place. All they need is to broadcast their content as password-protected RSS feed. RobinLab offers assistance in server-side configuration and set up.

Third scenario is for companies with field agents or remote employee. RSS is a good way to keep front line employees current. Like in the previous scenario, it must be encrypted and password protected. It will be pre-tuned to corporate updates channel, which means zero configuration, and enjoy company style and logo.

"We do custom RSS readers for iPhone, Android, and other mobile platform," said Eugene Yarshevich, RobinLab Director of Product Engineering. "We also help with server-side set up and integration into existing software solutions."

RobinReader can be downloaded for free from iTunes store and used for personal or business purposes free of charge.

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