Visix Improves Weather Offering and Feature Set with AxisTV v.7.0.21 & Flash Animated Weather Releases

Atlanta, GA, January 14, 2010 --( Visix, Inc. has unveiled the latest update of its premier digital signage software application, AxisTV version 7.0.21. The company is also offering a new Flash animated weather module for AccuWeather subscribers. This feature allows users to display animated icons for more dynamic presentation of weather information.

AxisTV v.7.0.21 Update
The release includes a variety of new features, enhancements and bug fixes for a significantly improved user experience. Two notable items of the update are the new Channel Player Snapshot and Weather Icons Enhancement.

Channel Player Snapshot
This new feature allows users to view a screen capture, or “snapshot”, of what is currently playing on each channel player in their network. This feature is an assigned privilege called View Player Snapshots and is given only to the Administrator by default.

Weather Icons
Visix has enhanced its free weather plug-in with all new images for various weather conditions. Existing weather bulletins will reflect the new icons upon update of the server and all endpoint players.

For complete software release notes and update requests, interested parties should visit the Software Updates section of the Visix web site at

The AxisTV v.7.0.21 update is available for download from the company’s web site and is free of charge to current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) clients. New content manager and media player orders received by Visix after January 30, 2010 will ship imaged with the most recent release to minimize deployment configuration requirements and field upgrades.

Flash Animated Weather
In addition to new weather icons included in the recent update, Visix is now offering a Flash weather feature for use with AxisTV versions 6.2 and above. It pulls weather data for a specified zip code from AccuWeather and matches the appropriate animation with current weather conditions and a five-day forecast. The user also specifies a background graphic to be used for the weather bulletin. Both the zip code and background file name are configured in the Flash module code by Visix prior to delivery.

Visix will configure and deliver this feature free with the purchase of the AccuWeather service from Visix, or for those clients that have a current AccuWeather service license. The client will simply have to import the file into AxisTV and schedule it to a playlist like any other Flash animation. This feature will also be available after January 30.

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