New History of Spanish Exploration in North America -- La Florida

Solitude Press announces the release of "La Florida: Spanish Exploration & Settlement in North America, 1500 to 1600," by award winning author Aleck Loker.

Williamsburg, VA, January 13, 2010 --( Now available in hard cover and soft cover, "La Florida: Spanish Exploration & Settlement in North America, 1500 to 1600." Author Aleck Loker has penned a comprehensive and fascinating account of little known expeditions into North America during the sixteenth century. At 308 pages with 73 illustrations, the book provides a balanced account of the interactions between Spanish conquistadors and Native Americans.

"La Florida" is an engrossing narrative of Spanish settlement of the Native American territory. The characters come to life, and the clash of cultrures explodes on page after page.

From the discovery of the New World by Columbus, and Ponce de Leon's naming it La Florida, through sixteen major expeditions on the Northern Continent, Loker presents an unbiased history of this important early colonial period. Previous histories, dominated by an Anglo-centric perspective, have overlooked this important aspect of United States history.

Loker's work portrays the unimaginable hardship, overlooked Native American kindness, and the Spanish lust for gold, providing a human dimension to this comprehensive history of North America.

"La Florida" is available in hardcover and soft cover editions from on-line book sellers and national bookstores.

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Aleck Loker