Journalist Publishes Mystery Novel Set in Newspaper World

Boston, MA, January 16, 2010 --( Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, the debut mystery novel of award-winning New England journalist Stacy Juba, is now available from Mainly Murder Press. Juba, a three-time New England Press Association award winner, started the novel while working in her former position as a staff reporter at a daily newspaper.

The book follows the story of obit writer and editorial assistant Kris Langley, who feels like the newsroom slave – that is, until she stumbles across an unsolved murder while compiling "25 Years Ago Today" items from the microfilm. Determined to launch her reporting career, Kris investigates the cold case of an artistic young cocktail waitress obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology. She soon learns that yesterday's headline is tomorrow's danger, for finding out the truth about that night twenty-five years ago may shatter Kris’s present, costing her love, her career, and ultimately, her life.

Like her main character, Juba began her journalism career as an obit writer and editorial assistant, where she spent a great deal of time compiling “25 Years Ago Today” columns from the microfilm.

“While the book is fiction, my newsroom background provided me with the realistic details to create an authentic setting and premise that I hope will be enjoyed by newspaper readers, journalists and mystery fans alike,” she said.

Juba notes that attention continues to be focused on unsolved murders due to the popularity of television dramas such as Cold Case and the increased involvement and public visibility of family members. According to the National Institute of Justice, recent advances in DNA technology also are allowing officials to take a fresh look at these cases. Along with these technological advances, the creation of the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) has improved the chances of solving cold cases with DNA.

“The subject of cold cases is a timely one, and for the fictional scenario in my book, I challenged myself to create intriguing twists and turns,” said Juba. “I think that readers will like taking a crack at the puzzle along with my sleuth, Kris Langley.”

After years of working as a reporter, Juba now concentrates on writing fiction and freelancing. Her second mystery novel Sink Or Swim, about a personal trainer who is stalked after appearing on a hit reality TV game show, will be published in December 2010. More information on Twenty-Five Years Ago Today and a free excerpt can be found at

Title: Twenty-Five Years Ago Today
Publisher: Mainly Murder Press
Format: Trade paperback
ISBN: 978-0-615-29011-9
Pages: 254
Price: $14.95

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